5 Styles of Kurtis to Pair with Your Jeans

Kurtis is an important part of trendy clothing and accessories. They are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Be it any traditional function, formal office event, college parties, or a casual getaway, Kurtis can be worn on every occasion. The combination of jeans and Kurtis is a powerful style statement. You can experiment with the types of Kurtis to change your look and style. Also, it is a break from the regular Kurti wear style. You can break the monotony by pairing your stylish Kurtis with jeans.

Kurtis over jeans is a timeless duo. You can choose from multiple styles. 

Here, we are listing some chic jeans kurti looks together to help you ace the style game.

Long Kurtis to personify elegance

A designer long Kurti worn over well-fitted denim will help you earn an everlasting impression. Flowy long Kurtis, when paired with the ruggedness of jeans, creates a sharp look. It fits the modern Indian women perfectly.

Style tip: Go for a long kurta with decent work and a high neck, A-line cut. Pair it with statement accessories and blue denim. A cool pair of shades will add to the overall look.

Long shirt style Kurtis for a formal event

Heading for an office event or seminar, but not sure what to wear? You want to keep it simple but at the same time not look dull and boring? Then, pick a long shirt style kurta to match your personality. Checks and digital prints are the trends for the season. You can also try funky collars, modern prints, and buttons.


Style tip: Remember you are going for an office event, hence keep the makeup negligible. Bling up the look with some statement pieces of jewelry. Try wearing flats or jutis for that bold look. A stole will always complement the look.

Try side-slit Kurtis

Whenever you are in a dilemma to choose between traditional and modern look, side-slit Kurtis can be a savior. They offer the best of both worlds. These slits can extend up to your waist or even higher. It allows easy movement and gives you a bold look. These days we see some variations too, with two-sided slits becoming common. A slit kurti gives enough attention to your bottom as it will be completely visible.

Style tip: Pick bright colors when going for side-slits. You can also go for unique patterns and designs. In terms of jewelry, keep it simple, as the Kurti is already gaining a lot of attention. Experiment with your hair by either keeping them flowy or tying in a high bun. It’s time to bring out your heels, as they can add more elegance to the complete look.

Front-slit Kurtis

A small twist to regular wear Kurti can change your look. Ditch your regular tees and Kurtis and go for a front slit long kurti. It looks classy and sassy. It is a break from boring outfit choices. Front slit Kurtis looks better when made with flowy fabric like georgette or chiffon.

Style tip: Though you can style front slit Kurtis with any kind of jeans, ripped jeans are our favorite. Add some charms and bracelets to your look. In terms of makeup, bold and smoky eyes, embellished heels, and soft waves will complete the look.

Playful Short Kurtis

Short Kurtis is not a new addition to the trend. They have been a part of trendy clothing and accessories for quite a long now. The evergreen fashion has lasted over a century and the trend does not seem to die anytime soon. You can choose from plenty of styles like peplum sleeves, keyhole style, puffy, jacket Kurtis, etc.

Style tip: Paring short jackets over Kurtis is a good style statement, especially for college teens. Pair short Kurtis with well fitted skinny bottoms, with flats or jutis. You can carry a funky bag to complement the overall look.

No matter which style you choose, be comfortable in whatever you wear. Fashion is all about comfort. So, you should keep one thing in your mind while choosing new outfits that are trendy and fashionable along with perfect to suit every mood. Find your fashion calling with trendy women cotton Kurti & kurtas to pair with jeans. No matter the occasion, Save your better outfit for the big day.

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