7 best organic infant formulas 2022

Baby formula becomes a lifeline for mothers who are unable to breastfeed, or for some reason abandoned it. This milk becomes a great alternative to breast milk, and, moreover, is very similar in composition and consistency. There is an incredible variety of baby formulas on the market that provide the child with all the necessary carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, parents are faced with a huge selection of baby formulas from different manufacturers, countries of origin, types, stages and pricing policies. A variety of formulas you can find on babymilkbar.com. That’s why we offer you the 7 best infant formulas in accordance to the recommendations of doctors and positive feedback from customers.

1. HiPP Combiotic Organic Baby Formula

Hipp is known for its popularity among European families due to its high quality product and its ability to be suitable for almost all babies. Its special structure is not a problem for digestion and is therefore great for sensitive bellies of little ones. This milk is full of nutrients, prebiotics and probiotics that affect its delicacy. Therefore, it is a great option for the baby  for the first meal.

2. Holle Bio Organic Baby Formula

This brand is popular among many families and has more than 85 years of experience. They are careful and delicate when it comes to growing plants and feeding cattle to ensure that the milk is of the highest quality. And it works, because millions of children adore him and develop well. Among the ingredients in the composition you will not find any synthetic elements, antibiotics, pesticides and fertilizers. So you can be sure of its benefits and safety.

3. Loulouka Organic Baby Formula

Loulouka baby formulas are one of the best-selling baby formulas in Europe, despite the fact that they started their work relatively recently. Its feature is the lack of soy and palm oil. Manufacturers of this formula use sunflower and coconut as fats. Many families value it and are happy to buy it.

4. Kendamil Organic Baby Formula

The ideal composition of this formula and the purity of the milk have been a major factor in excellent sales for many years. It is often called the best formula for babies among all organic ones. It does not contain synthetic elements and other ingredients that can adversely affect the health of the baby, and therefore this milk is as pure as possible. Of course, with almost perfect and most similar composition to breast milk, parents should pay more, but it’s definitely worth it.

5. Bobbie Organic Infant Formula

This is a great option for only feeding as well as for additional feeding next to breast milk. There is organic lactose without the addition of any nasty ingredients in its composition. Therefore, this formula perfectly copes with all the needs of babies.

6. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

The manufacturers of this formula have changed its composition several times to reach the ideal version of lactose, which is used as a carbohydrate and make it as similar as possible to breast milk. Moreover, they add amino acids, prebiotics, omega 3 and other vitamins to ensure the proper functioning of the baby’s body.

7. Happy Baby Organic Baby Formula

According to positive customer reviews, this formula has almost no drawbacks. It is perfect for babies with sensitive bellies, has a lot of nutrients and is in demand around the world. These baby formulas are of high quality, good availability and ingredient sourcing. Therefore, you can safely try it and not doubt its nutritional value.

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