How do you tone an Apple Shaped Body?

Ladies are the trendiest people that I know, every day women pull of new fashion trends just from simple things, either in their clothing or just by accessorizing. The major advantage women have over men is that they have different body shapes, from slender to apple shaped bodies; this allows them to be diverse in their clothing therefore dressing differently. Apple shaped bodies similar to other body shapes have a dressing guide that shows them how to be able to display their body shapes in the perfect way. Below is a way on how to dress for your body’s apple shape.

Know your personality

This tricky question requires a straight answer. There are different types of women, and this is in explanation through their dressing. There are women who love to wear dresses, others who love to wear trousers and others who wear shorts. All these three categories of women, have say when it comes to apple shape bodies, women with apple shape bodies are able to wear any of the three. You are to select what type of dressing suits you best from shorts, dresses and trousers. Having this answer gives you a start into dressing you up because you will now have something to select. Select latest trend

Know your sizes

Every woman has their different size, from waist to other necessary clothing measurements women differ meaning that they select their dressings within their size. The apple body shape means that the dressing will require a larger chest size. The clothes you select should be comfortable enough for you to ensure that you do not suffocate yourself. If you are selecting from a store, take measurements before choosing the clothes and if you are sewing clothes from your tailor, it is easier because he or she will have the sizes in the order. Make sure your clothes do not appear loosely hung on your shoulders or too tight on you.

What occasion are you dressing for

Selecting your dress code relies on the occasion you are looking to attend. Different events call for the different dressings therefore ensuring that you have the right dressing for your apple shaped body will help you in not looking out of place. Some occasions such as office dinners require formal dressing, while others such as late night parties can be casual. Noting the difference between the occasions will make you settle on the suitable dress for your apple shaped body. Enquire on an occasion in case you are not sure in the dressing, this will help you settle down much easily in the outfit to show up in. Formal events may have restrictions in terms of skin to show therefore all considerations that allow you to show up ready.

Is it affordable

Everyone has a financial barrier when it comes to dressing up, as much as it is a basic need you cannot spend all your money on dressing. You should be careful to cut your coat according to your cloth when you are dressing. Although some apple body shaped clothes are quite pricy, there is always something for you to shop. Ensure you are able to afford the dressing first before trying it on.

Try it on and accessorize

Finally, the last step is to try on the clothing to see if it brings out your personality for other people to see. If your clothing does not bring out the inner you, try on something else until you find something that will. Dressing your apple shaped body is more than just your outside.

You can choose to add accessories to your dressing, in forms of necklace, bangles and earrings to complement the look.


Following the above guideline that I recommend any one with an apple body shape to try out, dressing up could not be easier. There is something for anyone, whether you have a large apple shaped body or medium apple shaped body. There are stalls that design clothes especially for you and just placing an order will bring you dressing that will suit your body. I consider any body shape as a gift, whichever size you are; there is always something for you.

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