Things to Have in Minds When Learning CCNP

CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Engineer, which is the intermediate certification of Cisco certification. Getting CCNP certification means that the person who has passed the exam has acquired lots of network knowledge. CCNP certified professionals can install, configure, and run LAN, WAN and dialing access services for large enterprises’ network with 100 to 500 nodes. The new CCNP course has updated the router, switching and remote technologies that are widely used in the current network industry. It enables CCNP holders not only to become professionals of data communication network, but also to gain comprehensive development in security, voice and other aspects.

CCNP certification have more than one direction. Such as the routing exchange direction and safety direction, they are the choices of many people. By studying routing and switching direction of CCNP, you can have the basic ability of designing the local LAN and wan, implementation, validation, troubleshooting and cooperating with other network experts about the solutions to advanced network security, voice, wireless and video. While the CCNP certification of security direction is specifically designed for professionals who are the Cisco network security engineers. His responsibilities include the security of routers, switches, network equipment and related electrical equipment, as well as the selection, deployment, support and troubleshooting of the firewall, VPNS, and IDS/IPS solutions in network environments.

If candidates want to take the CCNP exam, they must first obtain the CCNA certification and the CCNA certificate cannot be expired. The CCNP exam consists of three subjects, taking CCNP’s routing and switching direction as an example, there are three subjects: ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT. The registration fee for each exam is USD 300 and the certificate is valid for three years. After the expiration date, Cisco Certified Network Engineers must pass one of the three CCNP level exams or the existing CCIE written exam.

Preparing for the CCNP exam, candidates can seek help from training institutions. Taking the CCNP’s learning cycle for example, there are about 18 times of the courses, four times a week and 2-2.5 hours each time. Then you can complete the CCNP’s courses within 35 days. Candidates can also arrange the class time freely according to the class type.

CCNP courses of SPOTO have some certain advantages. In the aspect of cloud laboratory, the practice part keeps pace with the trends and synchronize with the official website. Candidates can learn at anytime and anywhere, there are more small experiments and the difficulty span of the experiments is more reasonable. Besides, debugging experiments are added after each knowledge module and more debugging experiments are being added. In addition, teachers will provide mind maps to make learning easier, more systematic and more efficient. After each lecture, SPOTO will provide study notes, class notes, and after class exercises to test the students whether they have understood the knowledge to consolidate and deepen their memory of the course. At the same time, students can watch live videos of classes within 24 hours.