The Reasons Water is Leaking From Your Aircon

There is nothing more irritating during this hot weather than to have your aircon is leaking water all over the floor.

If you see water dripping from your aircon, you might be wondering why it’s happening. It can happen for various reasons. The good news is, according to Aircon Service Singapore, you can prevent or fix them from happening again and enjoy some cool air once again.

Your air filter is dirty

Before your aircon blows cold air into your home, the air will pass through an aircon filter. The filter is useful to trap impurities, such as dirt or dust. It will clean the air that you breathe.

Over time, the filter can get dirty if you do not clean it. This led to restricted airflow in the unit. The diminished airflow causes cold air in your unit to freeze over and become water after it melts.

The easiest way to fix this issue is by cleaning your filter. Then, prevent it from occurring by washing your filter every two weeks.

Your drainage lines are clogged

An aircon has a drainage system. It transfers water out of your unit to a designated place outside your home. Just like the aircon filter, everyday use will cause an accumulation of mould, dirt, and debris in the drainage lines or pipes of your system.

The buildup can make your drain lines become clogged. Consequently, the drainage system cannot remove the water efficiently and some of the water will leak to your floor or wall.

Do not worry because this issue is easy to handle. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can try to vacuum the inside of your drain lines and flush them. Also, a regular aircon cleaning by a professional will do the job. Making an appointment for a specialized service, like an aircon chemical wash can also prevent drain lines become clogged.

Your aircon is not installed correctly

It is important to make sure all parts are in place for a successful installation, otherwise, the air conditioner may not work properly. For a new aircon or recently installed unit, a water leak mostly occurs due to a faulty installation. That means the water in a unit cannot flow to the designated drain lines.

As a result, the water leaks and make a mess at your place.

So, what can you do to repair it or prevent it? You have to choose a licensed aircon installation technician to reposition your aircon.

Your aircon does not have enough refrigerant

An air conditioner without refrigerant will not work. The heat transfer among the aircon’s components is facilitated by the refrigerant. That means a low refrigerant level can cause the system to malfunction and leak water.

How is that possible to happen?

Your system is unable to move the requested heat to evaporator coils. That results in the cold air in the system becoming frozen which will turn into some water afterwards and leak out of your system.

Low refrigerant usually happens due to a refrigerant leak in your system. It is best to call your aircon contractor if there is a leak since it should only be handled by a professional. Once they fix the leak, your technician will refill the refrigerant to the correct amount needed by your system.

The summary

Water leaks can happen either due to a dirty unit or a malfunction in your system. You can prevent the issue by maintaining the hygiene of your unit. For a malfunctioning system, it is better to schedule a service with your aircon contractor.