The Quickest Way to Effectively Remove Acne Scars

Let’s face it..acne always puts up a fight and often, acne scars are left behind after the battle. Many people who suffer from acne are constantly worried about this result. After putting in tireless effort to utilize different methods of treatment with no positive results in the end, it’s normal to be left feeling defeated

To put it bluntly, the most effective way to remove acne marks is to pay attention to prevention. In order to seize the golden age, ordinary red and black acne marks must be dealt with immediately. As long as your skin care routine is done properly and maintained well, you can leave no chance of getting acne. However, if you do not pay attention to your skin care in the early stages of acne formation, acne becomes pits and scars, which would lead to seeking medical help for treatment.

The distinction between “red and black” acne

Red acne marks:

Most of the red acne marks are caused by the inflammation of the skin cells when acne grows, which leads to the expansion of the capillaries. After the acne is removed, the capillaries will not shrink, and temporary red spots will form. The acne marks will darken as our body temperature rises.

Black acne marks:

Black acne marks are caused by severe acne inflammation. As the acne gets worse, the skin’s resistance to outer influences is weak and becomes eroded by ultraviolet sun rays. Melanin is helpful to fight against black acne.

The golden age of acne removal:

In order to rescue our skin from the harmful results of acne, you must make sure to address the issue at it’s prime time when the acne marks have just started producing within the first couple months. Acne will destroy the epidermal structure of the skin after inflammation, and in severe cases it will affect the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. At this time, the skin activation and repair mechanism generally takes 3-6 months to stabilize. Therefore, within 2 months of the occurrence of acne marks, as long as you rescue your skin early, you can minimize the damage of tissue, and even restore your original smooth and delicate skin.

Reason for improper daily skincare causing acne breakouts

1. Choosing the wrong skincare  product

Many repair products on the market are designed to fight agin or  improve fine lines and sagging, none of which are able to tackle the issues of acne inflammation. Such products usually do not help to reduce the appearance of acne marks. On the contrary, when oily skin is exposed to these types of high-fat skincare products, there is even more risk of acne.

2. Excessive use of anti-inflammatory products

Using acne-focused skincare products in the early stages of acne can suppress redness and relieve inflammation. However, once the acne conditions are controlled, proper repair and maintenance should be carried out in the long term. If you overuse anti-inflammatory products, it will affect the ingredients that originally helped the skin healing process and become a vicious cycle.

3. Ignoring sun protection

Ultraviolet damage to the skin is irreversible. In addition to causing sunburns and dry skin, ultraviolet light will naturally destroy the activity of basal cells, which slows down the speed of skin repair, and make acne marks more stubborn to get rid of.

4. Misunderstanding of whitening products

There are vasodilation and pigmentation types of acne marks, usually one is red and the other is dark brown. Whitening products can improve the dark brown pigmentation type acne marks, but for red vasodilation acne marks, you should choose soothing products instead.

5. Not enough rest and sleep

By staying up all night you will miss out on the best time period for your body to naturally repair various organs, including the skin (the largest organ of our body). After 11 o’clock in the evening, you must rest and let your body rejuvenate. At 11 to 2 o’clock, the skin is in the stage of repair and it’s best to use proper nighttime skincare so your skin can absorb the nutrients it needs. 

6. Exfoliation

Moderate exfoliation can promote skin regeneration and help repair skincare products to absorb better, but excessive use of scrubs or deep cleansing masks more than three times a week will exfoliate the skin’s own immunity and cause dermatitis which can lead to acne blemishes.

How to get rid of acne marks

Prevention is more important than everything:

1. Keep your face clean

It’s most important to pay attention to the cleanliness of your skin. Take a shower, change your dirty clothes, and keep your face and hands clean. Mites are a major culprit in skin problems. Keeping the skin clean can avoid cross-infection of mites and can also keep unwanted bacteria from sticking to your skin’s surface.

2. Do not squeeze your acne!

The method of squeezing acne by hand is absolutely NOT recommended. Once it is difficult to control the strength, there are often many dirty things in the fingers that can enter the pores, which can easily lead to inflammation and bacteria can develop deeper, thus causing the consequences of disfiguring scars.

3. Treat acne first and then fade the acne marks

No matter what kind and severity of acne you are dealing with, the acne needs to be cured first so that the acne does not grow any longer. Otherwise, if you’re treating acne scars and growing new acne simultaneously, you will not get the best results. Keep away from spicy foods, deep-fried foods, high-calorie foods, tobacco, and alcohol during acne treatment. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough sleep will help the recovery of acne and reduce the pigmentation after healing.

Matters needing attention in the golden period:

1. Inseparable from sun protection

Sunscreen is a big deal, especially for skin with acne marks. Ultraviolet rays will aggravate the dark pigmentation. If you don’t want the acne marks to get darker and darker, if you have to sunbathe, you should choose to use a hat, parasol and other physical sunscreen, followed by sunscreen before going out to block the sun.

2. Good habits to deal with red acne marks

The red acne mark is actually a fake scar. After the acne is inflamed, the blood vessels will expand, but the blood vessels will not shrink immediately after disappearing, and a temporary red spot will form. Generally speaking, such erythema usually takes around an average of half a year to disappear from the skin. A good diet and skin care habits can promote the elimination of red acne marks.

3. Whitening products to deal with black acne marks

Pigmentation after inflammation will leave black and dirty colors where red acne has grown. These black acne marks are also a type of false scar, and these colors will slowly disappear on their own. In order to speed up the elimination process, whitening skin care products can be used externally to enhance the results. On the one hand, it inhibits the production of melanin, on the other hand, it promotes skin metabolism and accelerates the elimination of melanin. Such as L-vitamin C, androsin, A acid, kojic acid and so on. 

4. Don’t smoke

Tobacco contains nicotine which will shrink the walls of the capillaries of blood vessels and the toxins in the blood and lymph will accumulate, thereby reducing the reoxygenation rate of the cells in the skin. As a result, this will weaken the healing ability of the skin, which then leaves the skin easy to form cross infection of acne wounds. So please do not smoke, it not only hurts the skin, but it is also harmful to your health. To know best skin lightening cream for hyperpigmentation click here

5. Don’t wash your face often

Normally, washing our face twice a day, morning and night, is necessary to maintain a clean face. However, if you wash your face more times in a day, it will be counterproductive by stimulating the secretory function of sebaceous glands. Once the oil on the skin surface is washed away, the sebaceous glands must work “overtime” to perform its natural protective function. As a result, the sebaceous glands will become more and more active, more and more lively, which produces more and more unwanted oils on the face.

6. Choose skincare containing the right ingredients

Acne occurs to a large extent because the barrier of the skin is damaged, which in turn causes infection. Aloe vera and tea tree oil have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Skin care products containing aloe vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel and other ingredients have a certain anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effect on acne. When used in the early stage of acne, they can effectively remove redness, eliminate inflammation and avoid the hidden danger of squeezing acne leaving scars.

7. You can eat tomatoes to remove acne marks

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, I believe everyone knows. Tomato is a common vegetable, and it is a good product for beauty. The lycopene contained in tomatoes has an excellent antioxidant effect, which can prevent the skin surface from aging and effectively remove acne. The brighter the tomato, the greater the levels of lycopene. Eating more tomatoes every day, not only can eliminate acne and eliminate acne marks, but also help with whitening.

8. Pay attention to sun protection

The damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin is obvious to everyone. Apart from aging, the dull complexion is also a bad result from being exposed to too much sun rays. The skin is dulled due to excessive melanin precipitation, and acne scars naturally do not improve. It is necessary to choose a cream or sunscreen with a lot of SPF value for holistic care. For skin types with acne marks, it is best to choose a sunscreen spray that does not increase the inflammation on the skin.