Recruitment CRM software and the 8 key advantages

Only those recruiters who work with good recruitment software on a daily basis comprehend the benefits and changes it can bring to the recruiting desk.

Recruitment agencies that are still operating without a strong recruitment CRM system are at a big disadvantage. There’s a wealth of opportunities and positive changes to grab through the use of robust recruitment agency software.

8 major advantages for users of recruitment software

1. Single platform for storing data

Recruitment agency software is one system that works as a strong foundation for all the work that recruiters can do. It becomes possible to store all the data and information in the system which reduces the risk of misplacing important documents. Having a single platform that functions perfectly also makes work extremely convenient for recruiters.

2. Remote recruiting made easy

2020 made remote or virtual recruiting more predominant than ever before. Recruiters who were not familiar with recruitment software quickly learned how the CRM solution could make their work easier. Recruitment CRM that integrates easily with other vital tools such as candidate skills assessment software, video calling software, etc., make work efficient and effective.

3. Easy team collaboration

Team collaboration and communication has become vital ever since remote recruiting has become a reality. So, with recruiters and their teams based in separate locations, relying on digital tools has become more prevalent than ever. A good recruitment CRM ensures that it is as easy to communicate and get comments on reports from colleagues as it was earlier. Sharing data, discussing ideas and receiving feedback is a quick and efficient process.

4. Streamlined recruiting process

The CRM system is great for ensuring that recruiters are very organised. The platform is designed to ensure that recruiters find their data stored and ready to use in a systemic manner. This helps them progress from one recruiting stage to another with minimal problems.

5. Improved communication to help with candidate engagement

Quality candidates are pivotal for successful recruitment. But skilled candidates don’t lack great opportunities. That’s why keeping the top talent interested in the role and making sure they are engaged throughout is of utmost significance. Using the recruitment software facilitates better candidate experience and is an easier way to keep the candidates engaged.

6. Comprehensive compliance checks

Compliance checks are an integral part of recruitment. It is mandatory for recruiters to do thorough checks. They must ensure that the candidates have the right-to-work documents, they meet the IR35 requirements and that the candidates consent to GDPR. Recruitment agency software makes this compliance checking process easy and painless.

7. Automates processes and saves time

The best recruitment CRM systems have great automation features that save recruiters from having to spend hours of their time doing the admin jobs. While these tasks are necessary, they are often very repetitive and time-consuming. Hence, having the CRM automate these tasks results in saving a tremendous amount of time which can be diverted to other pressing work, instead.

8. Helps recruiters make the right hiring choices

Hiring the best-qualified and most well-suited candidate for the role is at the heart of recruitment. And a good CRM helps recruiters achieve exactly that. As mentioned above, recruitment software that blends perfectly with other critical recruiting tools helps to improve hiring decisions. All these tools come together to help in better candidate sourcing, improve candidate communication and an easier recruiting process.

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