Physical Benefits with massage

Everyone has a different view of massage, what massage therapy is and what it is good for. For some people it is a luxury or a way to indulge themselves. For others, it is a way to recover from injury. Both are absolutely valid reasons for a massage, but I would like to show you in this post how massage therapy can contribute to better health for everyone.

There are so many benefits to massage that I’ll break this topic down into three different parts. In this part, I am mainly going to talk about the benefits of massage for the body, i.e. the physical benefits of getting a massage.

Today, most people do not seek treatment until they are in pain, or when they start to “bother” something. Massage is often a fantastic way to treat these complaints, but it can also be used preventively, precisely to avoid pain.

Physical benefits with massage

Here is an overview of some of the physical benefits that a regular massage can have on your body.

Relief from back pain

Or neck pain, or shoulder pain… or actually any musculoskeletal pain. Massage helps to relax tense muscles and to get rid of adhesions, trigger points and tender points in the muscles.

Adhesions in your muscle tissue really just means that it “sticks together”. By loosening the muscle tissue again with a deep tissue massage, your muscles can move more easily again, your flexibility and your movement options increase and the pain when moving should decrease.

Trigger points and tender points are hypertonic, specifically localized points. They are small spots in the muscles that are sensitive to touch. A trigger point is a point that often causes pain to radiate elsewhere in the body, while the pain from a tender point is more localized. Our therapeutic massage is an ideal solution for this.

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Headache / migraine relief

There are different types of headaches, each with its own subcategories. Any of these headaches can be reduced or even alleviated by massage.

Headache is often the result of tense muscles in the back, shoulders, neck, head and / or face. Tension headaches can range on a pain scale from mild to severe. By locating and relaxing the muscles responsible for the pain, massage can relieve the headache in the moment. Headache prevention massage can reduce the frequency and severity of chronic tension headaches.

Headaches can also be a result of increased pressure or swelling of the sinuses. You usually feel this headache around the nose and jaw or in the arches just below the eyebrows. On a pain scale, these headaches, too, can range from mild to severe. Also, migraine is caused by abnormal brain activity or a chemical imbalance in the brain.  A massage therapist can use acupressure (pressure point massage) as well as other facial massage techniques to try to reduce pressure in the sinuses. Some of these techniques feel less pleasant, but they have been shown several times to provide relief. skincell pro review is a great formula to remove mole and skin tags naturally without any problem.