An Overview Of The Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

After the age of 30, most people face orthopedic problems. This article will give you an overall overview of an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Who is an orthopedic spine surgeon?

Orthopedics is a medical branch which deals with the musculoskeletal system of the body. It includes joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerve diseases. Some orthopedic surgeons are general, while others are specialized for treatment of particular areas of the body, such as:

  • Hip and knee
  • Ankle and foot
  • Elbow and shoulder
  • Head
  • Spine

Beyond treating broken bones and painful joints, orthopedic surgeons also treat the below-mentioned problems:

  • Sports injuries
  • Back pain, spinal stenosis, and ruptured disks
  • Bone tumors
  • Carpal tunnel, hand injuries, and hand arthritis
  • Club foot, hip dysplasia, and bow legs
  • Orthopedic trauma
  • Limb lengthening
  • Bunions, Achilles tendon injuries, and ankle and foot injuries
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis

These are several conditions an orthopedic spine surgeon deals with. But an orthopedic spine surgeon is further specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of spine-related conditions and diseases. They provide service to all age groups, but some focus only on children or adults. Some orthopedic spine surgeons specialize in treating some particular problems such as degenerative disorders, scoliosis, or a particular region of the spine (cervical/neck, lumbar/low back). If you are confused about whether you should visit an orthopedic surgeon or not, the next section will help you to decide.

When to visit an orthopedic spine surgeon

If you face any of the following conditions, you should immediately look for an orthopedic spine surgeon. They are:

Chronic pain: Acute pain generally disappears in a few days. But if you feel continuous pain in your back for more than four weeks without any improvement even after certain measures, you should visit an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Bladder and bowel issues: A nerve damage will affect your digestion and will create abdominal cramps. So if you face cramps in your abdominal region or continuous stool disorder, you should look for a spine surgeon.

Leg or Feet pain: One of the major issue a person with spinal disorder face is numbness and irresistible pain in legs or feet. Although these problems are normally treated with proper medication, some cases also require surgery.

Fever: Fever is generally because of continuous pain and several other disorders going on in the body.

Weight loss: A weight loss can be because of many conditions, of which spinal disorder is also a part.

These are some of the major symptoms a person with spinal disorder faces. But why to visit an orthopedic spine surgeon can be a question popping up in your head. The next section will deal with it.

Why visit a specialist

There are several benefits you will come across if you visit an orthopedic spine surgeon. Some of them are:

  • Surgeons are committed to their work and provide high-quality care to their patients.
  • People with spinal disorders does not like to work or move more. A surgeon encounters them and keeps the nation in always working condition.
  • A specialist is a trained and educated person. Instead of taking general advice, it is always recommended to visit a specialized person and trained for that purpose only.

A spinal disease can be solved easily if recognized and treated on time. So it is important to understand the need and right time to visit an orthopedic spine surgeon. It is always advised to take medical advice as soon as possible. This will ease your treatment process so that you can live a healthy life again.