Natural Honey: Beneficial Food In Nutritional Therapy To Cope Autism Symptoms

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a general term used to define a group of disorders that largely affects the brain. This disorder is further classified with difficulties experienced in speaking, posture or gesture abnormalities, visual misperceptions, anxiety, fear and stress, compulsive/obsessive behavior, etc. However, no single cause of such disorders has been established yet. 

Certain studies have proved that genetic & environmental factors are closely associated with such biological disorders. Various researches have offered growing evidence that nutritional therapy has offered effective results in children with autism. Nutritional therapy is carried out primarily with a focus to restore balance in the gut. Different diets & supplements help greatly in minimizing the symptoms of autism. Let us now know more about this disorder & effective therapy to treat it.

Symptoms of Autism – 

  • Trouble in interaction & communication with the people
  • Different behavior is observed than the normal people
  • Less interest in eating
  • The problem in catching up the new skills
  • Difficulty in riding, picking up things, etc. 

It is usually diagnosed in early childhood years and no specific cure is known for it at present. However, symptoms of autism can be reduced through skill development, socialization, play tactics, and self-help. 

Diets & Nutrients Helpful in Reducing the Autism Symptoms –

Numerous parents of autistic kids report that their kid got rehashed or drawn-out courses of antitoxin drugs for ear or other respiratory diseases during their first year, before the diagnosis of autism. Antimicrobials slaughter good & bad microorganisms in the gut, and this might be the reason mentally unbalanced kids normally have bowel inconsistencies. 

So if the kid is experiencing autism disorder, reestablishing a solid gut is essential. It can begin just by supplementing digestive enzymes and offering probiotics to reestablish the equilibrium of gut microbes. The two estimates help recuperate the digestive tract and promote normal absorption, and have delivered positive clinical outcomes in autistic children.

Basic Nutritional Supplements –

  • Minerals
  • Multivitamins
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Diets – 

  • Gluten Free Casein Free 
  • Elimination/Challenge 
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) 
  • Rotation 
  • Antifungal 
  • Feingold

It’s imperative to ensure that the child is getting the needed nourishment, which can be more troublesome when he/she is on a specific eating regimen. Children who are on a dairy-free diet may have to include calcium-rich food varieties in their eating routine. Organic raw honey has proved to be extremely helpful in reducing the symptoms of autism. Loaded with many beneficial enzymes, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants it works effectively in providing nutrition to the body. 

Natural honey not only helps in enhancing brain health but also helps in treating gastrointestinal disorders. The rich carbohydrate content of the honey can dramatically improve concentration and judgment, and decrease impulsiveness.

For all those who are suffering from ASD, giving close consideration to the food sources being devoured is especially significant. For the patients with autism, it is suggested to go for nutritional therapy and follow a gluten-free diet, use dairy products, natural sweetener,  corn, soy, and eliminate possibly allergenic food sources for about a month. Along with diet, several other aspects need to be addressed.  

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