How To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There is a good chance that you know someone who has had or currently has breast cancer. The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. reports that 1 in 8 women at some point in their lives will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, there is good progress being made in efforts to find a cure for breast cancer and eradicate it. Breast cancer awareness month is the month of October.

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It is a month for celebrating survivors and supporting those who are battling breast cancer right now as well as people who will be doing so in the future. You might be wondering what you can do to show support in October for breast cancer awareness month as well as all year long. If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing ways that you can help to support those with breast cancer.

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Raise Awareness With Your Wardrobe

Pink is the color that is nationally recognized for breast cancer awareness. One way you can help to spread the word to people you encounter about breast cancer research’s importance is to wear breast cancer awareness and/or pink clothing.

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Use Social Media Platforms Like Facebook To Raise Awareness

Speaking out on social media is a great place for your voice to be heard. Almost everybody has a Facebook account, so it is a highly effective way to get messages out to the masses. The following are some excellent ways that Facebook can be used to help raise awareness about breast cancer:

– Change your profile photo to one that shows awareness of and support for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Charities has a picture that can be downloaded for free that can be used as your profile photo.

– Take a photo of yourself along with coworkers, family, or friends wearing pink. You can then use the hashtag #PinkPose and share the photo on all of your social media accounts.

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– Start a challenge. For each breast cancer awareness post that you write, tag your friends and ask if they will either share your post or make a donation to breast cancer research.

– Start a fundraiser on Facebook using the Support Nonprofit option. It is an excellent way to support your favorite charities and to raise awareness.

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Shop at Stores Where Breast Cancer Awareness is Promoted

Give your business to shops that support breast cancer awareness publicly. There are many businesses that donate a certain amount of their proceeds to either breast cancer charities and/or breast cancer research. If your favorite shops are not currently participating, contact management and ask them if they will donate to the cause of breast cancer awareness.

Make a Donation

Donate to your favorite breast cancer charity. Your donation can be made in the name of someone you know who is currently undergoing breast cancer treatment or who battled breast cancer in the past. You also can ask your care provider or oncologist which foundations support the mission in fighting against breast cancer.


In addition to donating to a breast cancer charity, you also can donate your time. Get in touch with your favorite breast cancer awareness charity and ask what you can do in donating your time to help make a difference in preventing breast cancer and curing it forever! For more information visit this site: forextradenews.