How to grow your social media account organically from scratch?

Instagram currently has over 3 billion active users. Most people log into Instagram and spend at least one hour every day. However, growing on Instagram is still very difficult. Having a massive following on Instagram can mean more lead generation and more sales. This will also create a stronger brand image and a community that is backing up your brand. However, how will you grow on Instagram when you just start? Here are a few tips to help you out with the same

Buy followers

Instagram does condone buying followers because most people land up buying fake followers. However, if you go for a site like Famoid follower services, you will get active and genuine followers. These are active people who will regularly engage with the content that you post. This is because Famoid only sends those followers your way who are interested in the same things as you. Thus, this will not only provide a huge boost to your account initially, but it will also provide active engagement which will be seen by Instagram as a positive factor and Instagram will further boost your posts.

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Like other photos about your niche

If you are a beauty influencer or if you have a beauty brand, then check out Instagram profiles of those who are posting similar content. View these top Instagram beauty influencers. Make sure to like 5 to 10 of their posts and leave a valuable comment. It does not hurt to follow them. When you engage in such actions, this will show the other account holders that you are a genuine person who is interested in making a connection. There is a huge chance that the person will follow you back. You can find persons belonging to your niche by the use of hashtags.

Make sure your photos have a theme

Once people have seen your username and description, the next thing they will look at is the photos. If you have a theme for your Instagram, stick to it. It will also allow people to look at photos popping up in their feed and recognize that they are from you without seeing your name. This is one way of building your brand.

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Social media is meant for socializing. Respond to every comment that you receive on your post. Also, leave comments on the photos of the people whom you follow. Focus on leaving genuine questions and comments so that you can strike up a conversation.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are the primary way of building community and gaining followers on Create a unique hashtag for you and make sure that others use it as well. Once others start to use your hashtag, you can repost the images that others are posting along with giving them credit. This helps to build a community on Instagram by showing the people who follow you that they are appreciated.

Use the stories feature

The story is a feature of Instagram that is rapidly growing at the moment. A lot of users have reported that they prefer to watch stories over posts. Stories allow you the option of showing behind-the-screen footage. You can also use polls, GIFs, filters et cetera, to add more life to your stories.

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Instagram Reels

Reels are the new and upcoming thing on Instagram. Reels is ranked as the one which is most viewed compared to stories or posts. Therefore, make use of this feature to reach a wider audience base.

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