How to Design the Perfect Garden

Natural stone landscaping in home garden

If the coronavirus did anything for a lot of people in 2020, it got them back to the garden. Garden centers across the country were sold out of seeds and supplies. The industry as a whole gained more than 8%.

This is the time of year to think about the garden. You may have some ideas as to what you want to do and you may be able to have people over this year.

If you want your garden to create a great impression, you’ll need to read on and follow these tips to design the perfect garden.

1. Sketch Out a Plan

The first thing you want to do is give your garden a purpose. It’s possible that you just want to grow vegetables. You may want to add plants and bright colors to the space.

Garden ideas will start to flow once you know how the space will be used. You should then take the time to sketch out your initial ideas and create a preliminary garden plan.

2. Check Sunlight Patterns

After your initial plan, take the time to see where the sun strikes during different times of the day. This is important to note because some plants do well in the sun, others do best in the shade.

Look at your plans and make sure that the plants and garden flowers you choose get the right amount of sun and shade each day.

3. Know Your Soil

What do you know about soil quality? There are different types of soils that plants and garden flowers respond to.

Sandy soils are where lavender and some iris species thrive, as long as there’s full sun. Irises also do well in heavy clay soil.

You need to know the type and acidity of the soil before you plant anything. Too much acid in the soil can kill some plants.

4. Work With Professionals

There may be features that you haven’t considered in your plan. For instance, a hardscape like a retaining wall can add erosion protection and create depth.

A company such as GreenLawn Landscaping Services specializes in renovating landscapes, which is great if you want to completely transform your yard.

When you work with professionals, you want to make sure they’re licensed and insured. You should also see their portfolio of other projects and read reviews and testimonials.

5. Have a Maintenance Plan

It’s one thing to design a garden. It’s another to maintain it. That’s why the perfect garden design has maintenance in mind.

You have a plan for sprinklers and hoses. You also have plants that don’t require that much work. You know how often you need to weed the garden.

The Perfect Garden for You

A garden can be a place of relaxation, entertaining, or rewarding work. The key to designing the perfect garden is to make it right for you.

Make a plan and then make sure the plan works with the soil and sunlight in the yard. You can always bring in professionals to help you finish the job.

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