Innovative Deer Fence Designs: Creative Ways to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

Deer can be a major problem for gardeners, damaging crops and flowers and ruining all the hard work put into maintaining a beautiful garden. While traditional deer fences are effective, they can be unsightly and may not fit with the aesthetic of your landscape. However, there are many deer fence instructions designs that can not only keep wildlife out but also add to the overall look and feel of your garden. In this article, we’ll explore some creative ways to keep deer out of your garden.

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Living Fences

One innovative approach to keeping deer out of your garden is to use a living fence. This involves planting trees or shrubs that deer dislike around the perimeter of your garden. Some examples include holly, barberry, and boxwood. Not only do these plants act as a physical barrier, but they also blend in with the natural landscape and add beauty to your garden.

Innovative deer fence designs provide a creative way to keep wildlife out of your garden, but they require proper installation and maintenance to remain effective. Partnering with a professional fencing service like Austin Fence Repair ensures that your deer fence is not only well-designed but also durable and reliable. These experts can help you select the right materials and offer timely repairs to maintain the integrity of your fence, keeping your garden protected from unwanted wildlife visitors.

Mesh Tunnels

Another creative approach to keeping deer out of your garden is to use mesh tunnels. This involves creating tunnels around the perimeter of your garden using mesh netting. The mesh should be high enough to prevent deer from jumping over it and wide enough to prevent them from squeezing through. This approach is effective and can also add an interesting visual element to your garden.

Picket Fences

Picket fences are a classic design that can be adapted to keep deer out of your garden. By using a picket fence with pointed pickets at the top, you can create a fence that is difficult for deer to jump over. This design is also visually appealing and can add charm to your garden. View the different types of fences you can choose from by visiting

Electric Fences

Electric fences are an effective way to keep deer out of your garden, but they can be unsightly. However, by using a combination of wood and electric fencing, you can create an attractive design that also keeps deer out. The wood fence can be placed on the perimeter of your garden with the electric fence on the inside. This approach creates a visual barrier while also providing a physical barrier that deer will avoid.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular, and they can also be used to keep deer out of your garden. By planting a vertical garden along the perimeter of your garden, you create a physical barrier that deer cannot easily get through. This approach is also visually stunning and can add a unique element to your landscape.


Deer can be a significant problem for gardeners, but there are many creative ways to keep them out of your garden. From living fences to mesh tunnels, picket fences to electric fences, and vertical gardens, there are many innovative deer fence designs that can add to the beauty of your garden while keeping wildlife out. When choosing a design, consider the aesthetic of your landscape, the size of your garden, and the level of protection you need. With the right design, you can enjoy a beautiful garden that is also protected from deer and other wildlife.