How To Boost Your Baby’s Immune System

Are you a brand-new parent wondering how to improve baby immune system? As your child starts to get older, having a strong immune system is the key to being able to fight off potential infections and diseases. Building up that immunity starts young by providing essential nourishment and a healthy lifestyle to your child. If you’ve already stocked up on vitamins and Wellements organic gripe water to help keep your child healthy but still want to make sure their immune system gets a boost, here’s what you can start doing today to improve their immune health.

If You’re Still Breastfeeding, Eat Healthfully and Consider Targeted Supplements

If you’re still in the breastfeeding stage and hope to continue for a while, improving your health and diet can actually go a long way in boosting your child’s immune health, too. This is because all the nutrients you take in will eventually get passed on to your child through your breast milk! To boost your current diet and make sure you – and your baby – are getting all necessary nutrients for normal and healthy development, consider talking to your doctor and adding the following supplements and foods to your diet.

Ask Your Pediatrician About Adding Supplements to Your Child’s Diet

Although a healthy diet can go a long way towards building immunity, in some cases, your child may need some targeted supplements to address specific weaknesses or nutritional deficiencies. If you suspect that this is the case for your baby, you may want to ask your pediatrician about adding supplements to your child’s diet. Some common supplements babies may be recommended to take could include:

  • Probiotics
  • Gripe water to help treat colic
  • Vitamin D

Make Sure Your Baby Gets Fresh Air Every Day

Last but not least, don’t forget the importance of making sure your baby gets adequate fresh air every day. Unfortunately, children who spend too much time cooped up indoors may not be exposed to the elements and their bodies may not learn to form essential antibodies. Over time, this can lead to a weaker immune system than if they had spent their childhood outside playing in the dirt. Fortunately, this is an easy fix! For some family fun while getting your baby to enjoy the fresh air, you could:

  • Play outside in the backyard
  • Take your baby for a relaxed stroll through the neighborhood
  • Eat a family meal outdoors

Ensuring your child has a strong immune system now is essential for their long-term health as they grow older. Even if you’re already conscious of your baby’s health and immunity, you can always boost their immune system by implementing these fun and simple ideas. With a healthy diet, targeted supplements and plenty of play time in the fresh air, you can help your child build up a resilient immune system that will help benefit their health in the years to come.

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