How Anti-Gravity Treadmills Are Accelerating Injury Recovery Time

If you have been injured, you probably looked for the best techniques to get you back to your sport. You may have even researched all the clinics that offer physical therapy in Austin, TX. However, have you heard about anti-gravity treadmills and how they help with injury recovery? These are some things you should know.

Anti-Gravity Treadmills

Ironically, these treadmills were created to help astronauts remain healthy while they were in space because studies found a noticeable reduction in muscle mass when they came back. These treadmills actually increased the weight/gravity to give these individuals a strong workout.

However, today, these devices use air pressure to reduce the gravitational pull on your body. In fact, they can reduce the pressure of your body weight by up to 80%. These treadmills have bubble-like structures that pull your body up off the treadmill bed, reducing the weight on your lower body.

Increase Recovery Speeds

Lower-body or leg injuries require that you place much less or no weight on the injured leg for some time after surgery or during recovery. However, different parts of your body heal at different rates, which can be frustrating because it can prevent you from getting back on your feet as quickly as you like. Fortunately, if you can reduce the pressure you place on the injury, you can begin your recovery much faster. In fact, many patients have reduced their recovery time by up to four weeks using anti-gravity treadmills.

You can also use these treadmills to rehabilitate injuries that do not require surgery. For example, if you have joint pain, these devices can reduce the pressure, allowing you to complete your regular exercise. However, damage to ligaments, bone fractures and breaks and tendon issues can also be improved without benching yourself for months. Being able to continue your exercise routine keeps your muscles and cardiovascular system strong while your other parts heal.

Reducing the Risk of Re-Injury

Anti-gravity treadmill treatments prevent falls because you are strapped into the device. In addition, as you reduce the pressure on your affected body parts, you don’t have the opportunity to overtax them and cause additional injuries.

Increase Endurance

Many athletes use these treadmills to increase their endurance. Anti-gravity treadmills allow you to walk much further without the pressure and weight on your lower body.

Athletes in high-performance sports, such as long-distance runners, gain significant benefits from these devices because they can run much further without increasing the wear on their joints. They also improve their form, preventing changes during exhaustion that could damage their muscles, joints and ligaments.

Benefits for Other Conditions

Anti-gravity treadmills can bring relief and recovery for most musculoskeletal injuries or issues, including arthritis, Achilles tendons, stress fractures, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, meniscus repair and hip or knee replacements.

In addition, due to the reduction of weight on your legs, you can begin exercising without the risk of injuries if you are obese or overweight. The strain you place on their joints and bones can be intense as you begin exercising, and the pressure can cause new injuries. However, reducing the weight on your legs can help you increase your exercise time without harming your body.

As you search for the best physical therapist near me, look for those who have anti-gravity treadmills.