Get Cosmetic Dentistry For A Brighter Smile

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Entail?

In the past, dentistry was mainly used to address teeth and gum problems. It mainly focused on treating and preventing any dental infections and diseases. Cosmetic dentistry with Claremont Dental, on the other hand, focuses on the general appearance of your teeth and how bright your smile is. It is a procedure you can do when you feel uncomfortable about your oral appearance and want to change it for the better.

With the current advances in technology, cosmetic dentistry has improved its functions. The new era allows dentists to offer a wide variety of services to their patients, ranging from teeth whitening to translucent coverings on the teeth. In simple terms, it’s a whole complete smile makeover. It is made possible by the materials used today, for they are more permanent and natural than those used in the past.

Cosmetics Dentistry Options That You Can Get


Teeth bonding is a common way to improve your smile. It enables anyone to improve teeth that are chipped or cracked, large spacing, or even stained ones. The dentist uses certain materials for bonding to cover any cavities at the root of the tooth. Once they have done that, they use a special light that is meant to keep the resin together even when a person eats and brushes. The material is also capable of getting stained. A visit to the dentist after some months can rectify that. The dentist will clean the resin and make sure it remains white for a brighter smile.

Teeth Whitening.

Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dentistry option that is exploited by the majority of people looking to improve their smiles. It brightens the teeth by removing stains or any discovering. The process uses a gel made of about 15 percent hydrogen peroxide. Through oxidation, the paste/gel can make the outer enamel that is stained, whiter. Professional teeth whitening by a dentist lasts for several months, and a patient can decide to redo the procedure after some months.

Tooth Reshaping.

Tooth reshaping is a process that involves changing the teeth to improve their general outlook.  It is attained by removing the enamel or simply modifying it. This type of activity is mainly done together with bonding to achieve the maximum result. The dentist drills away a portion of the enamel while ensuring the pulp inside the tooth remains untouched. Tooth reshaping changes the shape, size, or surface of a tooth.


These are shells customized to fit teeth and placed on them to whiten them. It is a more permanent solution than bonding because it is durable and also provides a better appearance. Veneers are best for fixing gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth, and teeth that have chipped. 


These are also placed on teeth that need correction or that are stained. Note that the procedure is more expensive than veneers and whitening.

Apart from these, you can also visit a dentist to have braces put on your teeth for the better shape of your teeth. You can also have bridges and implants. The key is to visit an experienced dentist for the best results.