Garden Party 101: How to Host a Great Outdoor Event

Party planning can be so stressful! Figuring out what is important and what can be left on the event-planning shelf can be confusing. So, what if you throw out everything that you know about party planning and start with something simple: Consider the most important things and then plan to have fun with your guests.

Continue reading for tips on how to pull off the perfect garden party or outdoor event.

Consider Everyone’s Food Preferences

Before you decide to have a get-together barenights club, you need to come up with a simple menu for the party that caters to everyone’s needs. For example, don’t stock up on all meats if you know that there is a good portion of guests who are vegan or vegetarian. Aim to have at least one thing on the menu that everyone can enjoy.

If you aren’t able to meet all of the different food sensitivities and dietary restrictions, try to extend their invitation for them to bring a dish to pass.

Have Comfortable Furniture.

We’ve all been to a cookout or a family gathering where there were a couple of those uncomfortable plastic chairs and a worn-down picnic table that you don’t trust sitting in. Maybe there just wasn’t enough seating and you found yourself wishing that you brought your own comfortable patio chair to lounge in for the evening.

When you host your next outdoor party, you will want to make sure that you have an abundance of comfy seating, like these outdoor dining chairs, for your guests to sit on while they carry their conversations.

Setting Is Everything

While you don’t have to have a theme for every party that you throw, it’s always important to consider the music and lighting. If you’re going to have your party later in the evening or at night, you’ll want a more laidback music playlist and some lights to go with the casual vibe.

Nighttime parties in the summer will mean bugs galore. Don’t forget the bug repellent. If you can create an area to get away from the bugs via citronella, bug spray, or a mosquito net, your guests will be eternally grateful.

Have Some Fun Activities Planned

If you plan on inviting children to your party, you may want to have some games planned. If your yard accommodates a volleyball net, you can bet that the beginner badminton players and retired volleyballers will come out to play.

Don’t forget to get a small bonfire going. Making s’mores and telling ghost stories is always a great way to end the night, regardless of the age of your guests.

Beverages for the Adults

When you invite children to a party, the first thing they will ask for is a drink (obviously!). But what about the adults? Consider creating an adult beverage that the grownups can enjoy. Don’t go over the top! You can always recommend a BYOB type of thing for the rest of the adult guests, but a little cocktail can sweeten the whole shebang.

Garden Party Success

Once you incorporate all of these things into your garden party plans, you can relax and enjoy the evening with your friends and family. Even Martha Stewart won’t be able to hold a flame to your citronella.

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