Cloud Optimized, Software-Defined Enterprise Networks Services With Costs Reduction


When it comes to brand definition, speed and performance are significant factors that make brands improve efficiency and stand out. Cloud got formed to improve speed needs ushering in a new paradigm for the enterprise network after the explosion of the SaaS and lass over the last ten years. Apcela designs and manages software-defined, cloud-optimized networks for enterprises embracing digital transformations. The company professionals take out the complexity of managing hybrid IT infrastructure to deliver the speed, performance, and security that management employees and customers deserve. The company’s success gets attributed to several factors that include peering with a cloud provider like Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, Salesforce, and others. Some of the features for an improved cloud performance include:

Cloud Acceleration

Cloud acceleration turns up connectivity with new cloud providers in hours and makes the client network truly cloud-ready. The company professionals built a global backbone of cloud exchanges worldwide, enabling sd wan management enterprises to easily connect with PaaS and SaaS providers. The company does the heavy cloud lifting to optimize enterprise hybrid IT environments matching connection speeds with workloads, connecting with providers like AWS and Microsoft in multiple locations. The whole process also gets achieved by leveraging Equinix Cloud Exchanges, further enhancing and speeding up business performance. Visit The Site:

Managed Security 

SD wan management cloud workloads necessitate the deployment of firewalls, intrusion detection, secure web gateways, and several security necessities to the cloud out of the data center. The AppHub model designed by the company for the cloud transformation provides enterprises with the flexibility to lift and shift their security platform to the cloud quickly. In addition, the enterprises can rethink their model entirely with a software-defined architecture. The security features used include Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Intrusion Detection/Protection (IDS/IPS), Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation (DDoS), Security Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), and Security Information Event Management (SIEM). The company has a 24/7 state-of-the-art Network and Security Operation Centers (NOC and SOC) complimented by the best teams with a dedication to supporting clients.

Managed Network Solutions

Networks providers vary from one feature to another, especially when it comes to the cloud. The company has enabled most sd wan management dynamic enterprises to transform their networks and businesses. The company’s global footprint gets based in the carrier-neutral data centers co-located with leading cloud applications and infrastructure providers. To achieve the best cloud application performance, the centers relate to the company’s high-performance and low-latency backbone. The services get provided professionally; whether it’s a cloud network assessment or any other relatively ambiguous task, the engineers, operators, and project managers work to meet the sd wan management client needs.

SD Wan Management

SD-WAN enables the decrease in enterprise MPLs to spend, deliver application-aware routing, and remove the network’s complexity. Apcela’s sd wan management provides enterprises with a fast and straightforward approach to deploy a secure, cloud-connected, SD-WAN overlay which reduces costs and improves performance with stress relief. The SD-WAN features include application-aware, integrated security, cloud optimization, zero-touch provisioning, cost reduction, and deep insight. Cloud optimization provides enterprises with real-time performance for cloud providers like AWS and Azure, further enhancing their performance. On the other hand, the sd wan management deep insight includes application and infrastructure visibility to rapidly detect and diagnose, ensuring proper functioning of the whole system.

Professional Assistance

Apcela provides up to forty times improvement in application performance, enabling enterprises to have a fast turnaround time on their sd wan management services. The systems come easy to operate when monitoring the dashboard and online ticketing, making it easy for users to maneuver the system without challenges. The company provides flexibility that enables enterprises to lift and shift their security platform to the cloud providers like Office 365, AWS, SAP, and dozens of other cloud providers when it comes to flexibility. In addition, enterprises get a positive Return On Investment (ROI) since the company guarantees a reduction in MPLS spending by 30%-50%. Also, the over ten years of experience in applications acceleration enable the experts to provide 24/7 NOC, SOC, and customer support with a global ultra-low-latency and high-performance backbone. Finally, enterprises receive device-agnostic tools like Cisco, Versa, VeloCloud, Palo Alto, and McAfee. Read More About: