Car accident in Atlanta: Should you check with an attorney? 

If you ever have the misfortune of getting injured in a traffic accident in Atlanta, you should take a few immediate steps. Firstly, call 911 if someone is injured and needs medical assistance. Georgia laws also require you to report a crash when injury or death is involved. Once you inform the police, consider taking pictures of the accident scene and note down relevant details. Like anyone else in the same situation, you may have one question in mind – “Should I lawyer up?”. In this post, we are discussing the need for a car accident attorney Atlanta GA. 

  • When you don’t know much about the claims process. Insurance companies are notoriously known for their tactics. The claims adjuster may promise a fair settlement, but whatever they offer will likely be less than what you deserve. The statute of limitations also allows only two years to file a lawsuit after a car crash. The two-year deadline continues to run as you chase the insurance company for a settlement. If you don’t want to lose valuable time, get a lawyer on board.Visit The Site: time2business
  • When you were at fault. Georgia is a modified comparative fault state. For the uninitiated, the modified comparative fault rule makes it impossible for a driver to recover a settlement if they are more at fault than the other party. If you had a share in fault, you should contact an attorney to know your circumstances. A lawyer can help you evaluate the worth of your claim or if you can claim compensation in the first place. 
  • When your injuries are serious. If you have sustained injuries that may need months in healing, you should consult a lawyer to know your claim better. Keep in mind that the other driver’s insurance coverage may not cover all your losses, and therefore, you may have to file an injury lawsuit. With a lawyer working on the case, you can be assured that your rights and interests are being taken care of. 

Finally, if more than two vehicles were involved in the crash, you need an attorney to determine fault and liability. Multi-vehicle accidents are often more intricate and need detailed investigation. The good news is most injury lawyers in Atlanta will only get their fee if their clients win a settlement. You don’t have to pay an upfront fee, and therefore, you have more reasons to hire a lawyer.

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