Best Cardiologist hospitals in Chennai

In this modern world, people get affected by many diseases with the current culture. Even small child also affected by heart diseases by birth. The heart is the sensitive organ in our body, and it pumps, cleans, circulates blood cells to all parts of the body. In the traditional period, heart disease was faced rarely by people. But now, most people have blocks, holes, heart attacks, etc., at a very young age. Many cardiologist hospitals with excellent facilities also increase rapidly with the increase of heart problems. Many advanced technologies are also discovered to handle heart surgeries and treatment. Here are some best cardiologist hospitals in Chennai.

Rela heart care hospital

Rela hospital team’s providing excellent treatment for cardiological problems. It is one of the reputed cardiac hospitals in Chennai, and they give an extensive range of invasive and non-invasive procedures for diagnostics and intervention purposes. They are best in understanding patients’ pains, problems and provide an accurate solution with excellent care. They have a specialist for heart transplantation and ECMO services. Rela hospital has good infrastructure and advanced technologies for treatment, and patients need not struggle themselves for the testing process. Rela hospital has lab facilities and well-experienced technicians for the testing process. People can get their reports and counseling under a single roof. People with cardiac problems can visit this hospital to get treatment with the world’s best doctors.

Sri Balaji hospital

Sri Balaji hospital is one of the best cardiac treatment-providing hospitals in Chennai. Many people from other states come here to treat their cardiac problems. They have all the advanced technologies and well-experienced doctors for heart surgeries. The child’s heart specialist in Balaji hospital gives special care for each child even after treatment. They have a good infrastructure and maintain excellent hygienic and provide treatment at low cost. People with heart problems can visit this hospital for treatment with a wide range of technologies.

Apollo hospital

Apollo hospital is a highly reputed institution in the healthcare sector with 60 departments. They have specialist doctors for every medical problem, and they have all advanced facilities. They have goodwill for the treatment of cardiac diseases and ambulances implemented with advanced cardiac life care systems. It ensures fast treatment for the patient, and it is the best center for heart transplants, beating heart surgeries, stent placements, pacemakers, implantations, etc.

Vijaya Group of hospitals

Vijaya Group of hospitals has the goodwill from olden days to now in the treatment of cardiac problems. This hospital has testing equipment for coronary angiograms, peripheral angiograms, and angioplasties, echocardiography, etc. They aim to provide fast medication for patients languishing from heart attacks and, they have a specialist for a child to treat heart problems. Vijaya Group of hospitals also has excellent infrastructure and room facilities for outpatients.

Gleneagles global health city

Gleneagles global health city is a famous hospital in Chennai with excellent facilities for various problems. This hospital is equipped with the most advanced technologies and rooms for patients with international standards, and they have laboratories, pharmacies, emergency equipment, and canteens inside the hospital. It is a recognized hospital for heart transplant surgery in Chennai, and there are more than 1000 beds available for inpatients.

Fortis malar hospital

Fortis malar hospital is amongst the foremost tertiary care provider in Chennai. This hospital is equipped with a digital flat panel Cath lab, and diagnostic equipment includes radiography, ultrasound, ECG, echo, treadmill test, pro-BNB, CT scan, MRI, angiography, etc. Cardiac specialists are well-experienced in managing heart failure, and cardiac recovery provides aid in more vigorous post-operative care for patients. They have an excellent facility for electrophysiological studies. It is a perfect designation for people to get treatment for their cardiac issues. People will receive excellent care in fortis malar hospital.

Billroth hospital

Billroth hospital is the most reputed therapeutic facility offering tertiary care in different departments of medicine in Chennai. This hospital has a unique reputation for cardiac problems treatments, and they provide excellent infrastructure with laboratories, pharmacies, emergency facilities, ambulance facilities, etc. They also give home assistance for the convenient collection of samples and distribution of medicine. It will be much suitable for elders, and they need not struggle themselves for reports and medications. The heart unit is staff with expert cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthetists, cardiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons. It is an excellent designation for people who suffer from cardiac problems.

Prasanth hospital

Prasanth hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Chennai. They provide excellent treatment for cardiac problems with special care, and heart departments are equipped with electrophysiology laboratories and non-invasive cardiac laboratories that assist diagnostics. Cardiac surgeries are handle by well-experienced cardiac specialist doctors with care. Rooms are available for outpatients with monitoring systems, ventilators, and oxygen support. The heart department is the absolute destination for people who suffer from cardiac disorders.

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