7 Whimsical Garden Ideas for Magical Landscape Designs


More people are searching for home improvement tips online. In fact, home improvement searches have gone up almost 50% year-over-year

Among these searches, gardening projects are the most popular home improvement trend.

Do you want to turn your garden into an outdoor oasis? Give these whimsical garden ideas a try! With these tips, you can turn your garden into an enchanting outdoor escape. 

Step outside, take a deep breath, and get inspired! Discover the garden of your dreams with these easy, whimsical backyard garden ideas today. 

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1. Follow a Theme

Before you get started, make sure to keep a budget in mind. American gardeners spent about $47.8 billion on lawn and garden retail in a single year. That’s a record high!

What goal do you want to accomplish with your garden? Do you want to plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables? Would you prefer a place where you can sit and relax?

As you use these magical garden ideas, keep your goals in mind. After all, you’ll want to make sure your garden functions to meet your needs.

Try to combine your magical garden ideas under one theme. A garden theme can unit different elements into one cohesive design.

For example, maybe you want to create a Japanese garden. You can plant bamboo and cherry blossoms. A koi pond or tranquil fountain is a nice touch, too.

Would you prefer a whimsical fairy garden? Take inspiration from your favorite stories. Use richly-colored flowers, fairy decorations, and shade-loving plants.

If you live in a tropical area, consider using brightly colored plants that love the heat.

2. Consider Colors

Once you decide on a theme, consider the color scheme you want to follow. Color catches the eye while adding a flair of excitement and whimsy.

Look at inspiring photos online to determine which color combinations you want to use. Then, look for those colors as you choose your:

  • Flowers
  • Decorations
  • Containers
  • Furniture

Keeping a color palette in mind will bring your entire garden together. 

3. Take a Seat

Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit where you can enjoy all of your hard work. How do you plan on using the space? Do you want a single chair, a table, or a space for large groups?

Imagine yourself sitting in and using the space. Then, choose furniture with your goals in mind.

When looking for furniture, make sure it’s rain-resistant and comfortable. Otherwise, you may never use it!

Consider adding brightly-colored furniture that suits your color palette. Bright furniture can pop against the garden’s greenery. 

4. Add Accents

As you explore these whimsical garden ideas, think about the accents you want to add. The accents you choose will help your garden look unique.

For example, you can reuse everyday objects and turn them into containers! Instead of boring old pots, consider using toolboxes, an old bathtub, or a wheelbarrow.

Look for items you can adapt to your garden. You might find old window frames, rusted pedal cars, or fragments of an old fence. Items you once thought to throw away can become whimsical additions to your garden. 

You can sculpt your own accents, too. For example, you can create a sculpture from colorful glass bottles or ceramic pieces. 

Do you have a collection of items, such as shovels or gloves? Group them together, put them on display, and turn them into an accent piece!

As you display your accents, focus on creating a focal point. Where do you want people to look? Create an eye-catching, fun display on a wall and position your chairs beneath it.

Don’t forget to create a pathway for your garden, too.

You can use stepping stones, bricks, or old pieces of wood. Fill the spaces in between with limestone, mulch, or gravel.

Are you designing a whimsical fairy garden? Look for fairy statues that give your garden a magical, woodland-themed feeling.

5. Find Whimsical Flowers

Take the time to explore different flowers before planting them in your garden. Remember, you want to choose flowers that suit your theme and color scheme.

Tall, large blossoms can create a dramatic display. You can combine different flowers to catch the eyes. For example, consider:

  • Hollyhock
  • Sunflowers
  • Oriental lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Peonies
  • Alliums

Then, mix in a few other flowers throughout your garden. Adding multiple flowers of the same color will add variety while still suiting your color scheme.

For example, you can choose yellow flowers like tulips, witch hazel, daffodils, and sunflowers.

Sprinkle in a little white with orchids, spireas, anemones, and gardenias.

Find a few quirky, unusual flowers for whimsical landscaping, too. For example, the dragon flower resembles a dragon’s head. Sea holly has feathery petals. 

Other unusual blossoms include torch ginger, round-leaved sundew, snake’s head fritillary, and lady’s slipper orchid.

Don’t leave your garden unattended. Instead, consider researching landscape maintenance companies near me. They’ll keep your flowers alive and thriving!

6. Focus on Little Details

A few small details can have a big impact. As you use these whimsical backyard garden ideas, imagine yourself in the space. Do you hear wind chimes as a breeze rolls by?

Consider making your own wind chimes using materials like seashells, glass needs, or old silverware.

Do you want to attract wildlife to your whimsical fairy garden? Hang a feeding station from a tree. Bird feeders can attract different birds to your yard.

You can even use special feeders to attract hummingbirds.

Help your garden glow at night with the right lighting fixtures. You can add small solar lights throughout your flower beds and walkway. If you added a focal point, make sure it really shines at night. 

7. Repurpose Supplies

Give items in your garden a multitude of responsibilities. Most items are made with a single purpose. You can add whimsy to your garden by redefining that purpose.

For example, you can use a birdbath to display brightly-colored marbles. You can use it as a planter, too!

Did you find an old door you want to use? Turn it into a table!

Even old mailboxes can become flower vases. 

Play around and see what works for your whimsical landscaping.

Get Growing: 7 Whimsical Garden Ideas for a Stunning Space

Your garden can become an enchanted place full of fairies, light, and color. Use these whimsical garden ideas to turn your yard into a stunning oasis! Play around and see which magical garden ideas work for you.

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