5 Key Productivity Hacks for New SMB Owners

Many new SMB owners find it hard to stay equally productive all the time.

If you’ve worked all your life as a company employee, you need to get used to this new reality.

As a business owner, you’re in charge of everything, from arranging business deals to carrying out business activities.

Still, there’s a reward at the end of every project: all the money you make stays with you.

In this article, we’ll share some practical productivity hacks that will help new SMB owners stay as productive as it gets.

1) Cut down on procrastination

The first command of SMB entrepreneurship is: don’t procrastinate. Wasting your time on irrelevant things while you’re supposedly working is bad for many reasons.

First and foremost, you’re just sitting there while you should be making money. Every second you waste procrastinating is a cent less on your bank account.

Secondly, you’re deceiving yourself because you have this idea that you’re doing something, which is not true.

Thirdly, you’re losing your edge and determination to succeed. Sooner or later, all procrastinators have a guilty conscience because there other people depend on their results.

Therefore, be aware that procrastination is forbidden for business owners. When you see that your concentration is lower, go for a walk, read something relevant to your niche or just close your eyes for a few minutes to let the focus come back. If you’re not able to handle business tasks at that moment, at least try to relax and regain the work energy.

2) Write daily and weekly schedules

It’s easier to handle successfully handle business projects when you break them down into smaller units.

So, start writing daily and weekly schedules. Use planner apps to keep those timetables organized in a visually interesting way. As you finish a task, close it in the app so that you know how many tasks you still need to do on that day or during that week.

Also, prioritize the work tasks during one workday. Whenever possible, deal with more complex tasks first. You have more energy in the first part of the day, so bear that in mind. Leave simpler tasks and less demanding activities (sending emails and other mundane work) for the second part of the workday.

3) Set the work hours

As a business owner, you’re your own boss. However, that’s true only in theory.

In practice, you need to cover so many bases that it sometimes looks as if you merely meet other people’s demands.

From communicating with clients to handling financial operations, to performing your business tasks, you have a lot on your plate.

Because of that, don’t fall into the trap of flexibility. Sure, you can organize your work hours the way you prefer, but there must be at least eight hours of work every day.

What you can do, however, is divide your day into two parts. For instance, get up at 7 am and finish half of the work for that day until 11 am. Then you can have a break or work out and get back to work at 1 pm. After that, work as long as it’s necessary. This midday pause will help you get some rest, and it will have a positive psychological effect on your productivity.

And if you manage to handle the most complex task for that day before the break, you’ll be even happier.

4) Get away from the crowd

Since interruptions affect work productivity, people are more productive when they’re not surrounded by noisy and interrupting crowds.

In line with that, new SMB owners should find a secluded and cozy office where they can do their job without any interference.

This doesn’t mean that you must rent an office from day one. On the contrary, it would be better to put that money aside and go for an alternative solution at the beginning. For instance, you can turn one part of your home into an office. Family guys could go to a coworking space if they work at the computer.

On the other hand, some people are more productive when they’re surrounded by people. You should try working in both types of surroundings to see which one works better for your efficiency.

5) Monitor your productivity and customers’ response

You won’t know how productive you really are until you get some accurate stats. This is where technology can help you.

For starters, install a screen time tracker on your mobile phone. That way, you’ll be able to see how much time you spend on your mobile phone. It should help you reduce procrastination and improve productivity.

Moreover, consider using productivity trackers on your computer, as well. It will show you how much time you’ve spent on different tasks. Also, you’ll see when you didn’t do anything related to work.

Also, you can use different tools to see how your customers are using your business features.

For instance, you can check how they react to different parts of your website. The web design experts from a web design company in Houston recommend using these tools as a reality check of all your business efforts. If your website doesn’t bring the desired results, it could be a sign that you’re doing something wrong in the way you present your business information. Finally, it might help you identify some other issues with your work efficiency and productivity, as well.

Becoming a productive and well-organized business owner is the key prerequisite for running a successful business. You need to commit yourself completely to work during work hours to reduce procrastination. Also, divide the projects and tasks into smaller chunks and make work schedules. Try different working in different surroundings to see what suits you best. Finally, monitor your own productivity and how your services impact your audience. All these elements will help you increase your productivity and become a proactive business owner.