3 Reasons You Need Oxygenation System

Do you love the mountains? Exploring the natural sceneries is exciting. A day trekking through the colorful slopes and the striking view from the window early in the morning is irresistible. While the mountains are beautiful and provide many recreational activities, your quests can turn into a sore experience. This is noting the adverse effects associated with altitude sickness. At high altitudes, oxygen is thinner. This leads to effects including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and sleeplessness.

You are excited to head out in the morning, but after a night struggling to rest, you’ll hardly manage to explore the mountains. It takes days of rest for your body to adjust to the mountains, a luxury you can’t afford.  From as low as 9000 feet, oxygen levels drop t as much as 30% less than what’s on the sea level.  If you are wondering the oxygen required at what altitudes to plan your next visit, this shouldn’t trouble you. With the innovative oxygenation systems, you can maintain the needed oxygen levels at such a high altitude, ensuring that you don’t experience downtime as you enjoy the mountain home.

The high altitudes mean your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. You know it, so why not pump the room with as much oxygen as you can before retiring to bed? Why consider the altitude control technology? Whether you own a home or a recreational property, investing in the best oxygenation system makes the mountain property a lot more productive. It might initially seem like an unnecessary expense, but the system delivers many advantages worth the value of your investment, if not more. Among the top reasons that make the system a must-have includes;


A fire breakout might not be on top of your thoughts as you enjoy the mountains, especially as oxygen levels aren’t as high. Nonetheless, hacks such as pumping oxygen in the room create a fire hazard. Handling oxygen isn’t a straightforward as you might initially, but the technology makes it a breeze. The system adjusts the oxygen levels following the changes in pressure, weather, among other factors. Once you set it, you won’t have to worry about oxygen levels anymore, allowing you to focus on what matters. Your stay will be safer and comfortable, helping you explore the mountains and enjoy your stay.

Altitude sickness treatment space

The oxygenation system helps you to develop a space to manage altitude sickness. After a day of exploring the mountains, you’ll be exposed to lower oxygen levels. This means that you can start to experience altitude sickness. Your body is recovering from the wear and tear after climbing, boarding, skiing, and other activities, and without optimum oxygen levels, the sickness only worsens. With a dedicated space, you can relax, treat the attitude sickness, and recover within no time. You’ll be fully recharged and ready to go the next day, especially after spending the night in a well-oxygenated space.

Quality sleep

Quality sleep is the apparent reason many people consider investing in the oxygenation system. Sudden exposure to high altitude leads to various issues that affect your overall moods, sleep, and comfort.  Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is common in such situations. AMS symptoms can be mild, but this doesn’t take away from the uncomfortable experience.

At high altitude, sleep is impaired, typically characterized by nocturnal hypoxemia, frequent brief arousals, more awakenings, and periodic breathing. Combined with other symptoms such as sleeplessness, dizziness, nausea, and lethargy, high altitude creates a general feeling of malaise, affecting your stay. The oxygenation system takes such exposure out of the equation. You’ll enjoy sound sleep from the first night, regardless of how high the property is on the mountain. You’ll get the oxygen needed, ensuring that your body absorbs it throughout the night.  With quality sleep, you’ll be well-rested and charged to go the next day.

The growing trend of installing oxygen systems in mountain homes is not another fad that’ll be phased over time. It is a practical solution that makes properties safer and comfortable. The best systems don’t simply pump in oxygen. They are designed with algorithms that facilitate simulation of lower altitude while ensuring that you get improved air quality without exposing you to risks like fire. With advancements such as self-calibrating sensors, you’ll only turn the system on, and it’ll handle the rest.

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