Why You Should Stay Off of Social Media Until Your Personal Injury Claim is Settled 

If you have been hurt by somebody else’s negligent actions, you probably want to seek compensation for your injury. If this is your decision, you need to think about the impact of your social media presence on your case. Insurance companies will do everything to limit payouts and even deny claims. Thus, it is not surprising to know that they may check your social media posts to find any information they can use against you. If you have decided to pursue a personal injury claim, you must see a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer to know what you cannot do to avoid hurting your claim. Keep reading to know how your social media presence can weaken your claim:

What Happen When You Posts Something About Your Accident?

Whatever you post about your accident, what caused it, and how your recovering from your injuries can be used by the insurance company against you. You could unknowingly say something that can demonstrate you are not as injured as you claimed. 

Also, if you have posted an update on your social media account shortly before the accident, the lawyer of the other party could use it to prove you used your phone when the accident occurred and that you should be responsible for your injuries. To be safe from the insurance company’s watchful eyes, it is best to stay away from social media while your claim is unresolved. 

How Comments from Your Friends Can Affect Your Claim

Did you know that even the posts of the people you know can be used against you in your injury case? For instance, a friend of yours may post photos of you at the hospital after an accident. In this photo, you were giving a thumbs up and smiling. The insurance company may claim that you are not hurt at all. Regardless of the truth behind a post, its appearance can weaken your case. 

Considering Your Activity Level

The insurance company can use your innocent posts as evidence that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. As you recuperate after your accident at home, you may consider catching up on social media.  So, you may make several posts from your last vacation with your family, including pictures of you hiking, swimming, and dancing. Although you can clarify the timeline of these pictures, it might still cause unnecessary delay and stress. To avoid these issues, wait until you claim is settled before you start having a social media presence again.