Why Choose A Pocket Spring With Memory Foam Mattress?

Choosing the right mattress can be crucial in getting better health and deep sleep. Picking a mattress variety is a science that travels beyond the material type. The design, performance, and reliability go a long way in making the best choice. Sleep habits, lifestyle requirements, and other personal preferences also determine your needs while selecting. On the other hand, significant improvements in mattress construction and design fulfill the consumer interests specifically. From using eco-conscious materials to incorporating versatile features, the mattress industry has travelled the extra mile. So here is an insight into the different types of mattresses and how to choose the best one for yourself.

New-Age Mattresses 

Mattresses come in different varieties to provide deep and restorative sleep. They are available in specific materials as well as combinations. The hybrid mattress is a new-age addition that brings the benefits of two different materials together. The integration of materials helps the sleepers to stay comfortable and enjoy a sound sleep. The memory foam mattress has been the top pick among all consumers. The different layers in them have a specific role and, their collective efforts result in a beautiful slumber.

Memory foam made of polyurethane material has excellent elastic properties to contour the sleeper’s body. It allows the free flow of air through the different layers and provides a comfy sleep. The polyfoam hugs the person tightly and conforms to the body shape naturally. Pocket spring mattress, as the name suggests, is made of springs enclosed in fabric pockets. It is different from the open coil or traditional spring mattress. In the pocket spring variant, motion separation is the predominant factor. A hybrid mattress integrates memory foam and coil springs to offer the best of both worlds, comfort, and support.

Pocket Spring Mattress

It is essential to understand the difference between a pocket spring and a traditional coil mattress for making an informed buying decision. The coil bedding blocks the airflow as the springs are closely packed. It increases the heat build-up inside. It is also known for its creaky sound, sinking, and sagging.

But the combination of memory foam and spring brings about better airflow, reduces heat piling inside, and keeps the person cool while being asleep. Thus, the pocket spring foam mattress ensures breathability. The bouncy feeling of the traditional coil mattress is provided by the foam, thus eliminating the disturbing creaky noise. The durable foam layers in the pocket spring mattress recoil back and keep the sag away. Here are more benefits coming your way.

  • Greater Pressure Relief

Pocket springs allow each coil to respond to the sleeper’s body weight and pressure. Memory foam is already known for its pressure-relieving attributes. The memory foam and pocket spring, when combined, have several benefits. So, the foam spring mattress provides enhanced support for every part of the body ranging from the shoulders to the hip. The foam also adds to the cushion layer, provides extra softness, and contours to the body shape.

  • Alleviates Back Pain

The pocket spring with memory foam mattress has a combination of cushioning foam and a supportive spring base to relieve pains and aches. It provides maximum comfort and eliminates joint and back pain within a few days of use.

  • Natural Spine Alignment

Pocket spring foam mattresses promote natural anatomical configuration in the body. Independent of the sleeping position, the foam spring variant aligns the spine in its natural curve.

  • Luxury and Comfort Factor

Most often, hot sleepers find it hard to get a peaceful sleep. The pocket spring amidst the foam layers promotes a pleasant, hygienic, and fresh sleeping environment. The breathability of the mattress ensures a comfy sleep routine for all age groups. The foam layers add to the soft touch, luxury and it’s bliss to sleep on the foam spring mattress any day.

  • Movement Isolation

If you are a person sharing your bed with kids or your partner, then a foam spring mattress is an ideal choice. The individual springs encased inside the memory foam layer absorb the movement of your fellow sleeper, making you sleep undisturbed. Couples with a notable size difference or siblings of different age groups can comfortably share the bed with the motion isolation factor in place.

  • Reliability and Durability

The robust construction and design featuring pocket springs in durable foam enhance the longevity of the mattress. It can easily last for 15 years without sinking or sagging. The innovative design also retains the traditional feel of sleeping in a coil mattress, thereby bringing the best of both worlds together.

  • Extended Sleep Trial Period

If you are apprehensive about trying a new mattress variant, then here is a solution for you. Several online bedding stores offer free sleep trials with an easy return policy as well. So, you can try the mattress for the set period and take the right move. It is indeed a great benefit to embark upon for quality slumber.

Other Factors

Hypoallergenic materials, cooling fabrics, and covers in the foam spring mattress are additional advantages. Removable and washable covers ensure hygiene all through the usage period. The optimum firmness for all types of sleepers is also the best feature of the spring foam mattress. They are also available in different sizes and customizable versions to suit the requirements of every household.

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Here goes the final take

If you often have a disturbed sleep routine, then it’s time to consider replacing your mattress. Body contouring features, firmness, and density of the bedding can significantly impact the quality of your sleep. The premium memory foams ensure the best comfort, contouring, and cooling, while the pocket springs offer optimum support and density. The pocket spring and memory foam mattress also provide the best temperature regulation, pressure relief, and motion isolation. So, this combination is a guarantee for a great night’s sleep every day.

Reputable manufacturers like Wakefit offer a 10-year warranty and 100 nights sleep trial coupled with risk-free returns. Their seamless online purchase options help you buy the best foam spring mattress online. Get ready to steer yourself in the way of pleasant dreams and quality slumber with the quality spring foam mattress.

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