Which Types of Glass Windows Are Best for a Business?

Glass windows for businesses are much different compared to the ones you use at home because they need to reflect a powerful brand through visual appeal.

They are the first impression you give customers before they walk into your store.

When choosing windows for commercial property, you need to think about the quality, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety. The right glass can go a long way to help your business provide the best customer experience.

Here are the different types of glass windows that you should consider before the grand opening of your store, so keep reading to learn more.

Transparent Glass

Clear or transparent glass is the go-to traditional choice for most storefronts. This is necessary because people love window shopping. You want your customers to glance into your store as they stroll around a shopping center. If you provide a service, you can show it off with confidence through transparent glass.

People walking by can see the products and services you are offering, which might tempt them to walk inside. For example, imagine a jewelry store without windows. The entire point is that people stare at the window displays and the shiny rings and jewelry sets catch their eye.

Many shoppers walk past a clothing store and suddenly get ideas for new outfits by judging how the storefront mannequins are dressed. Retail owners also use glass windows to display sale signs. Otherwise, a customer would not know what you have to offer if they cannot get a view before venturing inside.

Coated or Tinted Glass

Some businesses may prefer using tinted glass windows to provide their patrons with some privacy. However, this is still a little clear enough to peek inside. Customers may be curious about what is going on behind the scenes.

Tinted glass is also an exceptional choice for shops that are always outdoors under the hot sun. The tints can help block harmful UV rays to keep the store cooler inside to make customers feel comfortable to stay around longer and escape the heat.

Coated or tinted glass also provides ample security to any storefront. If you have closed your shop for the day, the tint prevents people from stopping and staring when you are busy cleaning inside or taking inventory.

There are many shades of tints you can choose from. You can also ask your glass manufacturer to add extra layers of coatings for more protection and privacy.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a little bit like tinted windows with similar properties. However, the aesthetic is quite different. This glass adds a lot of brightness to a storefront while also giving you the benefit of privacy.

Despite having a transparent nature compared to tinted glass windows, you can still block a lot of harsh sunlight. Frosted glass lets enough natural light in without the inside of the store getting too hot for shoppers.

Insulated Glass

There are three popular types of glass thetotal windows that provide the best insulation. These are dual pane glass, treated glass, and gas-filled glass. These go perfectly on windows for a commercial property because they help your HVAC system perform most efficiently by reducing energy loss.

Your energy bills will be lower because you will not need to crank up the heating or cooling inside the store. Aside from the energy efficiency, you can also take advantage of the fact that they look like clear glass, despite their insulation properties resembling coated or tinted windows.

Types of Glass Windows for Safety

The safest types of glass windows for a business to promote protection and security are tempered glass, laminated glass, and wired glass. These have the best chance of withstanding attacks, blunt force, or any accidents that might break your windows.

Broken glass can be dangerous for your customers and staff members. These are shatter-proof panes that will protect everyone from damage even if they do crack from extreme pressure. Laminated glass is exceptional when it comes to safety.

It can provide a lot of insulation to keep your HVAC system in perfect condition. It also has soundproof features that block noise from outside, so your customers can enjoy a peaceful shopping experience. Most luxury shops use this type of glass because the moment you walk inside, everything feels quieter and more comfortable.

Tempered glass has a lot of strength that cannot be ignored. Even if tempered glass breaks, the pieces will form glass balls instead of dangerous shards to keep everyone safe.

In case of a break-in where someone has gone out of their way to break the window, you will need to find the best window glass repair service to assess and fix the damage. This way, you will not have to close the store for a long time while losing sales and income.

Bulletproof Glass

Most retailers do not opt for bulletproof glass, but this is ideal for banks to feel more secure. Bulletproof windows are the strongest to protect employees and customers.

However, due to their thickness, they do not make it easy to speak to customers during transactions. Bank tellers usually need to sit behind the glass and talk through a microphone that carries the sound from either side of their window.

Banks and government institutions use bulletproof glass to show how serious they are about safety. A clothing store in a mall may not need this type of window installation, but you would not want to go to a bank without one. Especially since a lot of money is exchanging hands behind these powerful panes.

Choose the Right Glass for Your Business

Picking the best types of glass windows has never been easier. There are several options to choose from, but they all have their own unique feature. You should think about what you want your business to achieve.

To entice window shoppers, you may benefit from installing clear glass. If you own a salon and want people to enjoy some privacy, you should go for tinted glass.

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