What’s the difference between dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning?

Are you thinking of cleaning your carpets but aren’t sure if steam cleaning or dry cleaning would be better?

Both methods are capable of producing great results. The main difference between them is how much water they use.

The technician, the chemicals used and the equipment are all important factors in the quality of clean.

What if I only need to clean one area of my carpet?

These are areas that see heavy traffic in the carpet cleaning industry.

You might find that some areas of your home are walked more than others.

This applies to areas such as living rooms and hallways, which see more foot traffic, and thus more wear and tear.

The Pros and Cons

The Process

Carpet Dry Cleaning

1 The dry soil is removed using a pre-vacuum utilizing industrial-strength machinery.

2 Carpet is cleaned with a dry-cleaning agent. This solution is a mixture of dry-cleaning solvents and water.

3 Three dry-cleaning methods are available to remove oily residue from carpet fibres. The oil that makes dirt stick to carpet fibres is why it’s important to remove this oil.

4 Cotton pads are submerged in hot water and then placed under a rotary machine.

5 The machine spins the pad around to remove dirt. During the cleaning process, the pads can be changed as necessary.

Carpet Steam Clean

  1. Pre-vacuum is necessary because dry soils can turn to mud during cleaning.

2 Steam Cleaning can also be known as Hot Water Extraction Cleaning. This involves injecting hot water under high pressure into the carpet and then extracting it. This step involves removing dirt from the carpet using the water.

  1. A steam cleaner that is effective should first treat stains. Then, a pre-spray should be used to reduce the surface tension of the carpet. This will allow water to penetrate the carpet fibres before it is extracted.

What is the process?

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet can be left dry for up to an hour after this process. Carpet Dry Cleaning can remove more stains than other cleaning methods.

Carpet Steam Clean

A technician can get a great result by using effective pre-sprays and agitating the carpet to extract as much water from it as possible. It can be very difficult to dry the carpet completely because of the wetness. Steam cleaning may not be able to remove oily stains (dark spots) from carpets if it isn’t done properly. Otherwise, the stain will remain. Or it may reappear quickly as dirt sticks to the oily residue.

The Rundown

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpets should always be vacuumed before use. The oily residue is broken down by dry carpet cleaning. This process targets more stains than any other. It can restore your carpet’s chemical balance. In less than an hour, you can be ready.

Carpet Steam Clean

If the process is done correctly, qualified technicians can achieve outstanding results. Without effective pre-treatment, oily stains are not easily removed. Some stains may reappear or remain because dirt sticks to oily residues that were not properly removed. It is possible to leave the carpet wet for up to 24 hours before it dries completely.

Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

Both can be effective, but steam cleaning may take longer to dry and be less effective than dry cleaning with stain elimination.

Carpet Dry Cleaning uses very little moisture so that your floors are ready for you to walk on immediately and completely dry within 1 to 2 hours.

Both have their advantages.