What To Do With More Space In Your Home

The best part about moving into a new home is having more space. Whether it’s more room for your family, or an extra guest room to host friends and relatives, there are so many things you can do with an extra room. But what if you don’t want to just make the space functional? What if you want to turn it into something beautiful? Something that reflects your personality? Here are some ideas for turning your extra room into a dreamy retreat:

Turn an extra bathroom into a spa.

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra bathroom, it might be time to give it a spa-like makeover. It’s worth considering adding a tub, shower, and steam room (if space allows). You could also go the opposite direction and turn your spa into a sports room by adding a sauna or steam shower instead of the other way around. As for water features, you can choose from whirlpool baths, waterfall showers, and fountains that will fill the room with soothing sound while providing some visual stimulation as well.

Concrete Driveways

For those who don’t know, concrete is a solid material that has been used for thousands of years. It’s made by mixing cement, sand, water, and gravel (or sometimes other materials depending on what you are making). Concrete can be molded into many different shapes and sizes including slabs, blocks, and bricks. A driveway is a piece of concrete that leads up to your home or business so vehicles can park close by instead of having to drive down the street looking for a space. If you have an unused area of land at your home or business then it might be time for some concrete work. 

Aspect Concrete Landscaping which provides Melbourne concrete driveways, suggests that the first step in building your driveway is choosing what type of material you want to use, gravel or asphalt. Gravel roads are cheaper than asphalt but they tend to wash away easily when it rains heavily or during flooding events so only choose this option if you live in areas where there isn’t much rain (like desert climates). 

Asphalt driveways are more expensive but last longer because they have been treated with chemicals which make them less susceptible to weathering damage like erosion from rainwater runoff during storms. You need at least 6 inches thick worth, meaning how much depth would be left after all other construction materials had been removed? This will help determine how much money per square foot since pricing depends heavily upon scarcity factors like location and demand level etc. 

Add some living space.

Add some living space. If you have the room, adding a bedroom or guest room is a great way to use your newly-found square footage. But if it’s not feasible, another option is to design the area as a home office—a great place for guests to sleep when they come to visit. Another option: add a deck or patio so you can enjoy your yard year-round without stepping outside into it all winter!

Add More Rooms

According to Aussie Outback Reno’s which offers home extensions in North Brisbane, home extension is a simple way to add more rooms to your home. Before you begin, consider whether you want to extend the living room or the kitchen. This will help you determine where the new space should be located, and what style of room it will be. Once you have decided on an area for your extension, look for ways to make use of existing space. For example, if you have a sunroom or patio that is not being used as much during the winter months, consider turning this into an additional bedroom or family room.

To get started, you have to first decide what kind of extension you’re going to do. If you want an additional bedroom or living room, then an attic conversion or loft conversion will work best for your needs. An attic conversion is when you convert the attic of your house into usable space by building flooring over the top of it and making it habitable; while an attic conversion would make it more difficult for anyone to access from above, loft conversions are easier to access because they don’t include flooring on top of them like attics do.

If instead you’re looking for something more functional like an extra bathroom or kitchenette (an area where people can prepare food), then basement extensions are probably what you want! Basements are usually dark and damp places that aren’t very useful for much except storage; however, with basement extensions installed properly they can become beautiful living spaces that add value to any property!

Create a study that you can also double as a guest room.

If you have a spare room that’s not in use, turn it into a study. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit smaller than your ideal space; you can still transform the room into something useful and beautiful.

The great thing about creating a study is that you can use it as both an office and guest bedroom (or even an office and lounge). Once you’ve created this extra space, you’ll be able to enjoy working at home without feeling like you’re encroaching on other people—and when guests come over, they’ll feel comfortable borrowing the place for their own needs too.

Install a Swimming Pool

The first step to installing a swimming pool in your home is to choose the right location for it. The pool should be located where it will be easy to maintain, but also where you will not have to go through many obstacles to get there. 

Next, you need to find out whether or not you have enough space in your yard for a permanent pool. If you do not, you may want to consider building an above ground pool instead. 

After that, you need to decide what kind of material you want your pool made out of. You can choose between concrete and vinyl liner pools depending on how much maintenance each one requires on a yearly basis. Additionally, If you are in Queensland, consider buying pool liners in Brisbane from Bermuda. You will get the high-quality liners that worth your money.

Finally, once all of this has been completed successfully, there will only be one thing left standing between you and your brand-new swimming hole: filling it up!

Create a large pantry.

A large pantry is a great way to use up the space in your kitchen. Having a well-organized pantry will save you time and money by making sure you always have what you need on hand when it’s time to cook.

Shelving and bins are a great way to store nonperishables like canned goods and dry pasta. You can even keep spices in little jars on the shelf with the other food items, saving space in drawers or cabinets for things like baking supplies that come in boxes or bags.

A chalkboard can serve as an excellent reminder board for anything from grocery lists or reminders about upcoming events, like birthdays and anniversaries! It’s also perfect for writing out weekly meal plans so that everyone in your family knows what’s coming up on their plate each night of the week—and if there are any surprises ahead!

Having both an open pegboard area on one wall (ideally near prep areas such as sinks) plus some storage shelves where pots and pans would normally go can help maximize all available space by keeping these necessities off countertops where they may get knocked over easily while cooking.


There are lots of ways to use the extra space in your home. You don’t have to settle for just one idea—take advantage of all these ideas and make your house a home.