What Should You Do With a Damaged Roof?

In your home, your roof takes the most damage every single day.

Your home’s roof takes on the scorching sun, heavy rains, strong winds, and so on. These all-around weather events can sneak their way into your roof and interior. Keep up with the demands of each season by always maintaining your roof.

However, what should you do if the damages on your roof reach the inside of your home? Here are a few steps that you have to take when you have a damaged roof.

Inspect the Damages

The first step you need to take is checking the damages inside and outside your home. Knowing how much you need to fix your roof can help you discuss with your insurance company. Start by estimating the square foot area of certain areas with damages.

Document the exposed and visible materials in your home. This includes the tarpaper, exposed plywood, and missing shingles. Be sure to take note of the details, like the color and type of material.

Stop Water Leaks

You may not realize the damage until you find water leaking through your roof. Once you find the source of your leaky roof, try to minimize the damages as much as possible. Cover up all your valuables, including electronics and furniture.

Next, contain the water by leaving waterproof containers underneath the leaks. Once you have the leaks under control, you have to check all woodworks, carpets, and furniture. Remove any extra water that you find in your home.

Make Temporary Repairs

When you get the leaks in control, you need to do some temporary fixes. Place a plastic bag onto the leaking areas to avoid water damaging your interior.

If you have serious roof damage, it’s best to waterproof the area using the strapped tarping method. This is when you place a tarp on top of your roof to act as temporary shingles. In comparison, small repairs can get shingled immediately.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Now that you know the extend of the damages, it’s time to call your insurance company. Ask whether the damages can get covered through home insurance or is it better to call a contractor. It can be beneficial to make use of your homeowner’s insurance since contractors may be busy.

If you’re unsure about the extent of the damages, it’s best to get a professional roofing company to check it out.

Future-Proof the Roof

To prevent roof damages in the future, you need to repair your roof and environment. It’s best to invest in the most durable roofing material, which is asphalt. It’s a favored material because it offers greater protection whilst being cost-efficient.

You also have to manage your gutters and downspouts. Clean anything that clogs them up to avoid water accumulating in one area. Be sure that you also trim the trees near you to avoid falling branches.

Know What to Do With Your Damaged Roof

A damaged roof can lead to costly repairs and maintenance. Leaving it alone will cause discoloring on your walls and ceiling, molds, and higher energy bills. Prevent all these by knowing when to get roof repair or replacement.

Your roof may not be the only thing damaged in your home. Read the rest of our guides to know more about your home and real estate.

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