What Kinds of Services Does a Land Service Company Offer?

America spans over 3 million square miles!

That’s millions of miles of land that allow us to live and exist in our beautiful communities. Homes, roads, and adventures all happen on this land. But, while we’re using the land to take care of ourselves, who’s taking care of the land?

Land servicing businesses help keep the land we live on viable and regulated. Without it, oil rigs could be built next to schools, trees would overrun telephone poles, and grass would engulf our roads. 

If you’re unaware of the true power that land services hold in our country, then keep reading. We’re going to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the different types of land servicing companies and what kind of services they offer. 

Land Services Meaning

Land services itself is a very broad term and industry. It pertains to the complete idea of servicing land by any means necessary. For example, the acquisition, management, disposal, and development of land. 

Think of landscaping, prepping land for building developments, or managing an established property. 

This is a lucrative business because the land is no longer just land. The land is real estate, it’s money and profitable. It’s a property with the potential to be anything. Even unclaimed land still has some authoritative figure overseeing it, whether it’s the government or an individual. 

Now, let’s see how it works in the world around you. 

What Are the Different Types of Land Services?

As mentioned before, there are many types of land servicing companies. However, we’re going to highlight the key types of businesses that operate most frequently in your everyday life. These are the companies that you see the most or have the biggest impact on your life, even if you don’t realize it. 

Landscaping and Maintenance 

Landscaping and maintenance is the most common form of land servicing. 

Landscaping is manicuring natural parks or using plants, land, and other features to create aesthetic designs in residential or commercial gardens. Botanical gardens are a perfect example of the more artistic side of landscaping. Maintenance falls along the lines of keeping the land tame. 

Think of the crews shaving tress away from power lines, taking down a sketchy tree in the backyard, or mowing the grass along the highways. 

Land clearing services are a type of maintenance where they completely clear away any brush or debris from the land. Residental homeowners with large plots of land often use these services or developers that need land cleared to begin construction.

Take the time to learn more about how these services can help you!

Land Zoning

Zoning is where local governments decide how the land can and can’t be used. 

Before any construction or planning can take place, the land must be zoned and approved for the intended use. This is to prevent oil manufacturing plants from being built outside neighborhoods and to limit commercial and industrial land use, in general. It’s also important in terms of preserving historical or protected land.

While you may not see this job in action, the building you’re sitting in, maybe your home or a cafe, and all the architecture around you had to go through this process. Land zoning directly affects the access you have to specific things every day. 

Land Acquisition

Land acquisition is the process of buying land.

More complex than zoning, land acquisition typically involves the use of law firms to help draft contracts and maneuver the intense legal nature of this type of transaction. When buying land it’s either for investment, a self-build project, or something to be developed further on.

Because zoning determines the limits of what can be built where, buying the land is only done under the trust and contract that whatever the plan for the land is, it will fall under the noted stipulations. 

There will also be a need for real estate services to help clients negotiate prices and find land that can be handled and settled quickly. 

How to Choose a Land Services Company

Now that you know the various types of land services, it’s time to find out how to choose a reliable land service. 

When it comes to landscaping and maintenance, look for accredited companies with the ability to scale their work. It’s important that the company has the manpower and tools to handle the job size and has the necessary skills to assess the area and know what treatments are needed. 

For example, protective lawn treatments and specific irrigation setups depending on what you’re using the land for, like agriculture.

Land zoning takes place outside of your control. It happens automatically within the governmental system, so all you need to concern yourself with is if your plans for the land are viable with the zoning decisions.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to employ the help of a firm when discussing zoning regulations. 

With land acquisition, make sure to find firms that specialize in land and property. There are many areas of expertise for lawyers to specialize in, and it’s critical they’re aware of property law. Residential real estate agencies won’t be of much help with raw land purchases, so you need an agency that knows the market. 

Land Services USA

Land services play an integral part in the development and management of the world around us. From dictating what shops are nearby, to creating gorgeous botanical parks for us to enjoy. Now that you know the different types, and what services can best help you, there’s nothing that can get in your way when it comes to handling land. 

We hope you found this article interesting and have a newfound appreciation for the work that goes into your surroundings. If you have any questions or want to learn more, then head over to our blog for amazing real estate insights!

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