What is Victorian Jewellery?

Victoria Jewellery dates all the way back to the year 18ibu when Queen Victoria decreed it to be a necessity for all English women. Although this did not stop the popularity of the jewellery, it was not until the later nineteenth century that it really became popular all around the world. The Victorian era in Britain was a time when every woman had the opportunity to make jewellery as it was very fashionable at the time. Victoria jewellery is also known to be quite plain in its design and the popularity of the style soared as a result. The designs included such items as necklaces, rings, brooches and lockets.

Different styles and patterns 

As you can imagine, because it was so incredibly popular in Victorian times that there are thousands of different styles and patterns of Victorian jewellery available to buy today. From Edwardian jewellery to Art Nouveau jewellery, there are many styles to choose from and many different looks that can really make your personal statement. In fact, with so many choices available, there is almost no reason to go with something plain anymore! There is certainly a wide variety of materials and finishes used in Victorian jewellery and as these items were worn and used on a daily basis, they are still very durable and suitable for everyday wear. This means that you can be sure that your jewellery will look great and last for years to come.

Sterling silver Victorian jewellery 

One of the most common types of Victorian jewellery is sterling silver. Sterling silver is incredibly strong and has a distinct lustre that will add sophistication to any outfit and the intricate detail that Victorian rings have is just a great example of the beauty that this type of jewellery can have. The period also saw the introduction of gold into the world of jewellery and whilst it was not an immediate success, the use of gold continued to grow and with the passage of time, the quality of gold jewellery increased and soon, it became commonplace to use gold in all aspects of the jewellery and this includes Victorian jewellery.

Silver and gold was the preferred metals in this time 

Of course, there were always other metals used and whilst silver was the preferred metal for this period, the other metals soon made their presence felt and they too soon began to dominate the market. What is Victorian jewellery then? With silver and gold becoming the chosen metals for this period, other materials soon included brass and gold filled pendants and rings. The range of materials that was used during Victorian times is extremely long and varied, which can make choosing what you want for your ring a difficult task.

Velvet, satin and lace

Some other popular materials used during this period include velvet, satin and lace. The use of these luxurious materials is probably because they were all the rage at the time and were often seen as reflecting a more opulent lifestyle. This of course is just one example of the range of items that was available and as with all periods of jewellery, the Victorian period introduced new design ideas.

Antique designs through to modern designs

According to Carus Jewellery, when it comes to Victorian jewellery, there are many options to choose from. You can have anything from antique designs through to modern designs. Many people like to choose something from the Victorian period and although this is easy to do, if you do not have an idea about the period then it may be a difficult task for you to find something suitable. As always remember to make sure you make your choice based on what will suit your tastes and make you feel at ease in your own skin.


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