What Is Staging a House? 5 Top Tips

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If you’re hoping to sell your home, you’ve probably heard the term “staging a house.” But what is staging a house? 

Staging a house to sell is simply the act of setting up certain rooms to look inviting to a potential buyer. The goal is to make the rooms in your home as nice as possible so that potential buyers can see themselves living there. It’s a little bit of psychology that can lead to more bids on your home! 

Here are a few house staging tips to help you sell your house faster. 

1. Focus Your Energy 

Not every room in your home needs to be perfectly staged in order to be effective. There are a few rooms in the home that have the most impact on buyers: the living room, the master bedroom, and the kitchen. 

Focus on staging these three rooms to perfection. The other rooms should be kept tidy and neat, but your staging efforts aren’t as important there. 

2. Don’t Make it Personal 

Next up, you have to take out as many personal things as you can. Pack up your family pictures and any personal touches that you added to the room. 

You want your potential buyer to be able to look at the room and see himself there. You’re creating an illusion here, and your family pictures break that illusion. 

Clean the family photos and personal papers off of the fridge as well. Put clothes away and clean the bathroom counter of any clutter. Religious items should be safely stored until your showing is complete as well. 

3. Declutter 

To accompany the de-personalization tip, you should declutter as much as possible anyway. Potential home buyers want to see as much space as possible, so you want your home to look as big as you can make it. 

Remove as much from each room as you can. You don’t have to make this change forever, but getting things out of the house can help you with selling your home faster so you can move into a new location anyway. 

Decorations, games, and any extra furniture should be put away. 

4. Get Super Clean 

Once your room is decluttered, you can work on cleaning it up. You should make the room as clean as it was the day you moved in, if not cleaner. Sweep under everything, vacuum, scrub the walls and both sides of the windows. 

Don’t forget to check the corners of the room to get rid of any dust or cobwebs that have built up over time. 

5. Light It Up 

If you can, get as much natural lighting into the room as possible. If the room isn’t in a great spot for natural light, turn on a few indoor lights with gentle lighting. You want the room to look as warm, open, and inviting as you can. 

Dark rooms don’t encourage people to hang around! 

What is Staging a House? 

So, what is staging a house? It’s when you take the time to make your home look as inviting as possible. The goal is to make the important rooms neutral so that the prospective buyer can see himself there when he walks through. 

For more tips on buying and selling a home, keep reading!

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