What Is a Bimini Top and Why Does Your Boat Need One?

Sun and mist on a Summer New Hampshire boat dock at sunrise

Did you know that over 141 million people went boating in 2016, in the United States? If you are new to the boating world and are not used to all the new lingo that comes with having a boat, we are here to clear up the term bimini top, including what is a bimini top and the benefits of bimini tops. 

Keep reading to learn the top reasons you might want to add a bimini top to your boat.

What Is a Bimini Top?

The main purpose of a bimini top is to provide you with some shade. If you have not noticed yet, there is not a ton of shade in a boat. This is why many people learn how to measure for a bimini top because they want to have an inexpensive way to add shade as needed and easily fold and put away when you want to enjoy the sun rays. 

These are a few of the top benefits and reasons you want to add a bimini top to your own boat:

1. Comfort

One of the most obvious reasons you want a bimini top is for comfort. Even though all boaters love calm seas and plenty of sun, too much sun can ruin the day as well. UV rays can damage your skin rather quickly and getting under a bimini top will provide you the shade and comfort needed, especially during the sunniest parts of the day. 

2. Protect Your Investment

More than likely you spent a pretty penny on your boat and the last thing you want is for your boat to be destroyed. Sun and rain are harmful to the gear you have on board and they also shorten the lifespan of your boat’s exterior. This is why bimini tops are helpful, they will protect your cockpit from any sun damage and will provide shelter for your carry ons and electronics. 

3. Avoid Getting Rained On

As soon as you start feeling a few drops of rain while you are out enjoying the open sea, you can quickly put up your bimini top. The weather is very unpredictable and even if you leave on a clear and sunny morning, dark clouds might come around out of nowhere. Having a bimini top on board will ensure that you never get soaked even if the weather channel does not call for rain. 

Ready to Invest in a Bimini Top?

We hope that now that you are clear on what a bimini top is and the top benefits of having one, you can make an informed decision on whether you want to invset in one or not. You might want to opt for a custom bimini top to match your boat and your style.

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