What Does Recovery from Lasik Surgery Look Like? 

Billions of people had laser in-situ keratomileusis also known as LASIK eye surgery. The results so far have been great with minimum complications due to the advancement of technology. Individuals who had lasik eye surgery from top eye hospital in Delhi, notice instantaneous improvement in their vision after a few hours or by the next day of surgery. Basically your eye takes about maximum six months to fully heal. 

Well, it becomes really important to follow all the necessary instructions given by your surgeon to avoid any kind of infection or complications at the recovery stage. These instructions will mainly include a check up appointment the very next day of your LASIK eye surgery. Or between 48 hours of the procedure. In this appointment your doctor will make sure that the healing is going as planned or not. It basically includes examining your eyes and vision. Also you may be given some eye drops to tackle any kind of infection or irritation. 

Although, you may likely experience some fluctuations in your vision for six months. These disturbances may include dry eyes, issues in night vision sometimes. To make sure your recovery goes on normally and for checking up on progress, you will have further appointments scheduled. Moreover, it’s really important to give your eyes proper rest during the first 24 hours of the surger. Your surgeon will strictly restrict you to drive the same day, hence it is required to bring someone with you who can drive you home safely. Below mentioned are some common symptoms that you might face just  after your lasik eye surgery:-

  • Irritation or a little discomfort, especially after numbing eye drops wears off.
  • Dry eyes (The most common one) 
  • Inflammation or burning sensation like feeling. 
  • Blurred vision which may clear off eventually. 

Well, the above mentioned symptoms may vary in each individual. These symptoms will go away eventually in four to give hours. Also your doctor will give you necessary medications to avoid any kind of discomfort. Additionally, you have to avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent complications. For this your surgeon will provide you special glasses and an eye shield which you’ll have to wear. You will also have to restrict some of your daily activities for a few days like hot tubs, swimming, dusty or smokey places, applying lotion or any kind of make-up around your eye etc. 

People who had lasik eye surgery in New Delhi find it really amazing. With proper care and following the surgeon’s instructions, you can have a great vision. No more searching for glasses or contact lenses as soon as you wake up. Once having a successful lasik procedure, you can do anything that your vision issue has restricted. However patients have to take proper care of their eye till six months of the surgery. Any negligence may result in serious complications. If you notice any strange change or discomfort during these six months, consulting right away from your doctor will be the best. 

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