What Does A Primer Do? Reasons You Need a Makeup Primer

More and more makeup tutorials these days are focusing on incorporating a primer in your beauty regimen. Have you ever wondered why this makeup product has become so popular and quintessential? A face primer creates a smooth and flawless base for foundation, allowing you to build the different layers of makeup flawlessly.

Generally, primers are available in powder, cream, and gel formulations. These are lightweight and smooth in texture, designed to give your skin a non-greasy finish. Still not sure whether your makeup routine needs a primer? Consider these reasons to make an informed choice:

Hydrates and moisturizes the skin

At times, your skin looks patchy or cakey, leading to an appearance of crease lines after applying makeup. This, typically, happens when the skin is dry and lacks essential nourishment. That is why it is important to moisturize and hydrate the skin before applying makeup products. When it comes to nurturing the skin, nothing can do the job better than a primer.

Gives You Flawless Looking Skin

In this time of selfies and social media posts, the need to look flawless to feel beautiful is being felt more acutely than ever before. Primer plays an important role in it, owing to its ability to conceal skin imperfections. Most primers consist of silicone-driven polymers that improve the skin texture, giving it a silky finish. Besides, it aids in filling pores and blurring out blemishes. On top of that, it also covers certain skin irregularities such as wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines.

All in all, it polishes and softens the skin to make it look more even-toned, healthy, and glowing. The primary purpose of applying a prime before a tinted moisturizer or a foundation is to create a smooth base that can lend a better finish to your makeup.

Helps Makeup Last Longer

Most women often feel that skipping a primer is not a big deal. However, primer directly governs the longevity of your makeup. If applied without a primer, makeup tends to fade away more quickly. A primer acts as a skin barrier that keeps the makeup stay in place. Other than this, it also rejuvenates the skin for a fresh look that lasts all day long.

A Boon for Oily Skin

People with oily skin are all too familiar with the common issue of makeup smudging or fading away even sooner than it does for other skin types. The oil build-up, especially during hot and humid weather conditions, not just causes the makeup to bleed but also adds a visible sheen that dents your appearance. Using a primer is a bankable solution to counter these woes. It helps control the oiliness and shine on the face for a matte look.

Facilitates Eye Makeup

You can use an eyelid primer to make the eye makeup stay longer than usual. This prevents the creasing of eye shadow and holds it intact longer. Apart from that, an eyelid primer protects the kajal or eyeliner from smudging out.


A primer is a versatile makeup product that offers exceptional beauty benefits for the skin. These days, the primers contain SPF to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays while the makeup is on. If you want to achieve a perfect skin texture along with radiance, then never miss out on a primer.