What are the Top Safety Pieces of Equipment for Confined Space Entry?

Running a company where the working condition brings many risks means you need to make your workers safe. Every worker in the company is valuable, and you should always do your best to keep them secure during working hours. 

Choosing the right type of equipment for safety is also necessary as the market is inundated with many safety equipment. Well, the same can be said about safety pieces of equipment used for confined space entry. 

 But so many options of safety pieces of equipment can sometimes be overwhelming, and therefore, to make things easier for you, we have listed the top safety pieces of equipment for confined space entry. 

Tripod rescue and fall protection system 

The top most thing to consider for confined space entry is a tripod rescue and fall protection system. This system is going to play two primary roles. First of all, it provides protection when entering a confined space. Second, it should give the necessary rescue capability for limited space. 

There are few other considerations that you might need to make. Like instead of choosing the 7 foot height, you should go with the nine-foot height. And if the entering space is energized, then you might need to install a rope system. But tripods should always be your first choice when you plan to buy confined space equipment. 

Ventilation blower 

Ventilation system, more popularly known as a blower, provides fresh and clean air in the confined space, which is needed for healthier entrants, increasing productivity. SCBA or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus are also used sometimes for the same outcome. In addition to this, it helps in removing some noxious atmospheric conditions. 

For example, if the breakdown of an organic material in the confined space leads to hydrogen sulfide production, then a blower can easily remove it. Or, if the confined space is filled with carbon monoxide produced by nearby automobiles, a blower can remove it. But to make the safety system more effective, you have to use a fall protection harness as well. 

Gas detector

This is one of the essential items to consider when you plan to buy confined space equipment. This safety piece of equipment is used to check the atmospheric condition before entering any confined space. But it can also trigger an alarm when the atmospheric condition becomes noxious. So, gas detectors can act as a lifesaver in many cases. 

This necessary piece of equipment works by detecting whether there is enough oxygen present in the atmosphere or not, and it also keeps tabs on the presence of explosive gas. Moreover, the gas detector also triggers an alarm before the presence of hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide reaches a dangerous level. 

Never be in the dilemma of whether gas detectors are necessary or not, as in many cases, the gas detectors have helped companies save thousands of lives. These gas detectors have an internal or no pump, and they can either be run on rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries. 

Confined spaces are not only a challenging workplace, but they are risky as well. As the owner or the manager, you should always equip the confined space with all the necessary equipment to make the space safe for all the workers. These pieces of equipment will not cost you a fortune, but they can save thousands of lives. So, check the requirement of your confined space and buy confined space equipment.