What Are the Parameters of The Fitness Band?

When choosing a gadget, so that your head does not go round from the number of buns and chips, it is worth focusing on several important characteristics.

The convenience of using the device depends on the presence of the screen. The wider the screen diagonal, the more information can be displayed. Traditionally, the diagonal is measured in inches.

In terms of color rendering, displays are:

  • Monochrome, which display the image in one color.
  • Full-color, such models are more visual and more attractive to the eye. But multi-color screens with a wide diagonal have their drawback – they drain faster because they consume more power.

Lovers of evening workouts and walks should pay attention to the presence of backlighting. With it, you can see the indicators of sensors and notifications in any light. Now you can get fitness tracker watch for sale at very reasonable prices. Get yours now!

The bands can be synchronized with other devices, namely with a desktop (computer), smartphone or exercise machine. Here it is important to determine not only the device with which the fitness assistant will interact, but also the way of their integration.

The most practical is wireless interaction, using ANT + (a common technology in the production of sports equipment), Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The latter method has several disadvantages due to the limited range of up to 10 meters and sensitivity to interference from household appliances, such as a microwave oven.

A wired sync method is also possible using a USB cable. Despite the obvious inconveniences, limitations due to the length of the wire, the method has an indisputable advantage – the connection between devices does not require energy consumption.

Much attention is paid to the interaction between the band and the smartphone, because it is the mobile phone that is the gadget that is always with you. For business people, the functions of informing about calls and messages, the ability to manage incoming calls and view text messages will be useful. Music lovers should pay attention to the ability to control the player while jogging, and for fitness bloggers and active Instagram users, the ability to control the camera will come in handy.

The vibration motor is one of those goodies that no fitness tracker model can do without. Vibrating alerts are the easiest language your fitness friend can use to alert you of an incoming call or other important information. The advantage of vibration is that it does not distract from your workout and leaves you the choice – to run further or respond to a challenge!

In addition to functionality, protection from moisture and dust is important for bands. Especially for those whose owner loves extreme weather as much as physical activity.

As a rule, trackers are assigned an IP degree of protection, which can vary from IP00 – no protection against water and dust to IP68 – full protection against dust and the ability to immerse in water over 1 m deep.

Manufacturers also indicate the class of water resistance; such information is relevant for swimmers and diving enthusiasts. The degree of water resistance depends on the load that the band can withstand without losing its tightness and performance. The load is measured in atmospheres (1 atmosphere equals 10 meters of immersion under water). For example, the WR50 water resistance class means that with the band you can dive to a depth of 50 m.