What Are the Different Types of Garage Doors That Exist Today?

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Choosing the right garage doors for your home doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you might think. While it’s true there are a lot of options, it’s not impossible to narrow them down to what will work best for you.

A lot of homeowners want to set themselves apart with a different style of garage doors. However, they either feel stuck with what came with their house or overwhelmed by all the different types of garage doors available. For this reason, they miss out on a beautiful upgrade.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the right fit with our guide to garage doors for the smart homeowner. Continue reading below to learn about the different styles available as well as the different materials to choose from.

Types of Garage Doors

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Start your garage door hunt by deciding what style you’re going for as well as what kind of space you have. Do you want something that is low-maintenance and easy to use or something that is going to save you space?

Plus, consider what kind of parts they use and where to get replacements. We recommend stanley garage door opener parts in the event you need replacement parts.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the most popular type of garage door in the U.S. As their name suggests, they are made up of several different sections. Two to three hinges connect each section.

When the door lifts (either manually or electronically), it is rolled over a curved frame at the top of your garage. As each section moves over the curved portion of the frame, the door bends.

The door then sits parallel to the ceiling until it closes in the same way. It’s secured with two high-tension springs to keep it in place while open.

Sectional garage doors are a great choice for a smart homeowner due to their low-maintenance nature and simple mechanics. They are easy to customize by adding windows or using different textures.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are more common in commercial settings as compared to residential homes. They are popular for locations with limited available space.

The roll-up garage doors are a version of the sectional garage doors. Both are made up of a number of foldable sections. However, the roll-up garage doors are made up of many, smaller steel sections.

When raised, the door coils around a drum above the garage entrance. These raise manually or electronically and are very strong.

They are meant to withstand heavy use and are great for preventing rust and corrosion.

These types of garage doors tend to be more costly upfront. This is because of their industrial and heavy-duty design.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors are also similar to the more popular sectional garage doors, except that they move to the side as opposed to up and down.

These types of garage doors were one of the earliest available styles for a smart homeowner wanting a secure garage space.

The tracks are set up on the wall that is perpendicular to the garage door opening. They roll along trolleys via a retractable motor but do not need an operator mounted to the ceiling as the sectional doors do.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged garage doors operate as most other doors do in that they swing in and out on either side of the garage door opening.

Most garage doors are barn-style, meaning they have two large doors with handles at the center. This style is growing in popularity with homeowners due to limited space.

Side-hinged garage doors swing out and away from the building. This is in contrast to the other types of garage doors that store the door inside the garage when opened. This results in less available space inside of the garage.

Canopy Garage Doors

Unlike the first three types of garage doors, canopy garage doors do not have any folding panels or slots. These doors are in a single piece and do not bend.

Instead, canopy garage doors tilt up when opened through the use of a pivoting hinge.

When it’s open, the bottom of the door extends out past the front of the house since it does not roll up at all.

Garage Door Materials

When selecting among the various types of garage doors, it’s important to consider the material you want. The most common materials for garage doors are metal, wood, or fiberglass/vinyl.

Consider the style of your house and how each material will work with your existing structure before deciding.


Metal garage doors are a very low-maintenance option for a smart homeowner who doesn’t want to worry about their garage doors.

However, you might want to avoid this option if you live in coastal locations. This is because the metal is more prone to rust in these areas and may not last as long as other materials.


Wood garage doors are the most versatile and are almost completely customizable based on your taste. They are also a great conversational piece for visitors.

However, this material requires the most maintenance and is the most costly of all the materials on our list. With wood doors, you have to consider decay and the need to repaint over time.


Fiberglass and Vinyl achieve similar things in that they last a long time and are less prone to the issues that metal and wood are prone to. Fiberglass often looks like wood but is much lighter and will not decay.

Vinyl provides some of the best insulation and is also lightweight. However, they are prone to color fading over time and there are few decorative options for either of these materials.

Choose Your Garage Doors

Now you know all of the different types of garage doors available. You also know all of the various materials to choose from. This should help you in deciding what you want for your home or business.

If you aren’t sure, take some time to consider the look you want as well as how much time you are willing to put into maintenance when needed.

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