What Are the Causes of Depression | Major Causes of Depression

If you don’t know what actually causes depression, then you should know about them. There are many things that increase the risk or trigger depression. It could be the loss of someone or getting a divorce. But, you need to know all about the causes to stay out of depression. However, if you have developed depression, then you should follow the MAOI guide or consult a doctor.

Major Causes of Depression

These are the main causes of depression:


One of the most crucial reasons for depression would be abuse. Yes, you heard me right. Any type of abuse can increase the risk and lead you to depression. Now, it can be physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse. These could be highly responsible for the depression in your life.

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Do you know that elderly people are extremely vulnerable to depression? Well, it’s true. If your age is quite high, your chances of developing depression are high as well. However, other factors of depression with your age can make the situation worse for you too. Those factors can be living alone and lack of social support.


It’s a proven fact that various medicines or drugs like isotretinoin that is used to treat acne, corticosteroids, and interferon increases the risk of developing depression. At the same time, many drugs misuse can also lead to depression. So, you need to make sure what you are taking for your treatment to avoid depression.

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It’s also true that conflict can also lead someone to depression. Now, someone who has a biological vulnerability that could result from personal dispute or conflict with family or friends can be the reason for depression. In most cases, bigger conflicts that puts the person into so much mental stress is the reason for depression.


We all know that extreme sadness is one of the major causes of depression. Now, what could sadder than the death of your loved ones. Yes, the death of someone close can lead you to extreme sadness or grief, and eventually, it causes depression. And, other factors along with this one, increases the risk at a great scale.


It’s a proven fact that women are at greater risk than men to develop depression. It’s a thing that knows surely knows why. But, it’s true. One of the most suitable reasons that doctor suggests that because they go through hormonal changes in the events of their lifetime. At the same time, also pregnancy is also a reason when women develop depression because of their hormonal changes.


Many genes are also responsible for depression. Now, we all know genes contain information and characteristics of you. And your family genes are responsible for your characteristics. So, if someone in your family had depression, most likely you will also develop depression that’s because you have those genes on you. |Many genes are also responsible for various other psychological disorders like cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s chorea.

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Major Life events

Major events in someone’s life can also lead him or her to depression. However, good events can also do that, such as getting a job, getting married, graduating, or other happy events that can also lead you to depression.

In the meantime, bad events such as divorce, losing a job, moving, and others can lead you depression too.

Serious Illness

In many cases, people had developed depression when they went through serious illness. So, it’s a fact that serious illness can lead you to various types of depression. And, many illnesses can also trigger depression in you.

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These are the potential causes of depression that trigger depression. These factors increase the risk of various types of depression as well.

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