Welcome Offers to Pass on Slot Sites

Welcome bonuses are the most common advertising tactics used by slot sites to attract more players to their platforms. These are usually some incentives for the new players in return for registering with a specific online casino site.

These offers often come in the form of bonus credits, which at some point can be converted into withdrawable money. A couple of factors contribute towards the usability of a welcome bonus or can also turn it into an offer to pass on – play Fluffy Favourites today.

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Factors Affecting the Usability of Welcome Bonus Offers

Here are a few factors that can turn a good looking welcome offer into the one to be avoided.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is a term that you will regularly come across in the promotional section of an online casino. Promotional abuse is one of the most significant issues faced by online casinos owners. Players sign up for a new account on a slot site only to utilise the free bonus credits and then move on to the next platform. To prevent this abuse of bonuses, online casinos came up with the term, Wagering Requirements. These are the playthrough conditions that a player is required to meet to withdraw the bonus credits. These wagering requirements are usually low and are easily achievable. However, now online casinos are using them in their favour. They are currently implementing higher playthrough requirements to make players spend more. So these wagering requirements play a crucial role in deciding if a welcome bonus is worth claiming or not.

Hidden Terms And Conditions

Online casinos can also use the hidden terms and conditions to exploit players’ right to withdraw their bonus credits as the wagering requirements. These confidential terms usually consist of time restrictions, geo-restrictions, minimum and maximum bets, and bets that do not contribute to completing wagering requirements. For instance, wagering requirements might be mentioned as 15x on any games. But when you play through the requirements, you might be told that according to the terms and conditions, the games you were playing do not contribute to the wagering requirements, and thus, you are not eligible to claim the bonus credits. Therefore, these hidden terms and conditions are also essential to consider while claiming a welcome bonus.

Welcome Packages

Welcome Packages combines a couple of individual bonuses into a single offer. For instance, a casino might offer a 100% Cash Match bonus of up to $100 along with 50 Free Spins. You may think it is a good thing, but it might not be that good in reality because both the individual rewards will have different wagering requirements that could be very hard to meet. Besides, it’s also a tricky process to select a perfect balance of free spins and bonus credits offered in a welcome bonus package.

Casino Welcome Bonuses You Should Avoid

Based on the aforecited factors, we can now outline the type of welcome bonuses you should pass on to.

  • Combo Bonuses: You should avoid bonuses that combine several different offers into a single package because of the hidden terms and conditions.
  • High Playthrough Bonuses: Avoid welcome bonuses that are subjected to higher playthrough requirements.
  • Low Return Bonuses: Welcome bonuses are usually offered against first deposits. Therefore, do not go for the one that returns you less than what you are spending.