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We are used to the fact that if a product has a low price, then the quality is low. For web hosting service providers, the opposite is the case considering that it takes a provider with exceptional quality service to win over the one user all other rivals are competing to get. Web hosting provider Hostens is unique in that it focuses on product quality rather than earning.

Hostens is a go-to fun place built on the premise that low price doesn’t always translate to low quality. It proves its case practically! Hence, you only need to make a wise choice and the best quality hosting service will be yours to enjoy while also saving money.

Transparent offers

Whether the estate is a small or large business, Hostens focuses on providing you with the highest quality services and prices without any hidden conditions. You don’t have to deal with any “unlimited” resources with Hostens. Instead, you get a deal that specifies the resources of the hosting packages you receive. Hostens believes that it is the consumer’s right to know without reservation what is being packaged for their money.

The beginning of everything

No matter what type of website you want to create, just first consider photographing and publishing your product or service online.

Hostens hamster is your best go-to professional who’s eager to make your first website blossom, irrespective of whether you need a domain name, web hosting or website building. The good thing is that Hamster understands the difficulties which come with having a website, especially for the first time. If you’re a total newbie, Hostens welcomes you with a free domain.

Website builder – what is it?

A website builder is a website building platform in which a user can easily drag and drop content into it. It is very simple and you can see what your website looks like in the process. With every block, there are flexible settings as well as harmonious proportions.

It’s completely free! You will be able to design enables you to apply changes to the individual components, adding full-screen images in different colors, multimedia and video, title, and text combinations.


Hostens has put a lot of work into making their services extremely secure. So, this means spam isn’t going to bother your site as you can use a professional SPAM filter to secure your email.

A small country has a powerful network

This petite country, Lithuania, unknown to many outside of Europe is located at the center of Europe. When it comes to super-fast or the fastest internet globally as per certain statistics, Lithuania leads the way. Hosten data transmission network is state-of-the-art. No surprise, Hamster like many other tech-savvy experts rank it as the number one spot to build a data center.