Uses of taweez by muslims in United Kingdom

The use of talismans among muslims is mostly common in the United Kingdom. These small  objects which can be found strewn everywhere in Pakistan and some Middle Eastern countries have been attracting great attention from both the muslim population and the British public in recent years.

Taweez, also known as talismans, is an Islamic religious item believed to hold power which can be used for spiritual and physical protection and healing. There have been some assumptions that the use of taweez  in islam on both sides of the world has decreased gradually but with booming population in Britain, there appears to be an increase in their numbers. Some people believe that the increasing number can be attributed to continuously fluctuating religious sentiments rather than having tangible proof.

Muslims rely on taweez, talisman or amulets for a long time to achieve their goals. A taweez is a piece of paper usually written on by an Islamic scholar with sentences from Quran, hand written prayers, or Quranic verse and sometimes it is decorated as well. Taweez talismans have been in use by muslims and non-muslims alike across the world for hundreds of years. Traditionally, they’re attached to objects, such as cars or furniture, yet in recent times some people are using taweez on themselves too.

In the United Kingdom, there were 558 taweez sellers trading in 2018 with a total annual trading revenue of £25 million based on estimate figures given by Wanamek Asia.

One explanation for growing number of taweez sales during this time is the substantial rise in enrollment among Muslims across the UK.Some halal ethical manufacturers of taweez in the UK say that the demand for their products has increased in recent years. The Muslim community in UK purchased about a 200% increase of taweez from 2017 to 2018.

There are multiple establishes ways to use talismans in Islam. These include helping humans get a job or promotion, provide physical protection against evil spirits, assists in matters of marriage and so on.

A prominent figure for ‘making taweez’ is a man named JaabirAbdalHakim . His family has been making these talismans and selling them to their community for over 60 years now. Every seeker feels immense peace of mind after buying one as it eliminates unwanted thoughts from their heads. and protect them from the evil eye.It is important to note that most mosques do not propagate the idea of using such amulets because it goes against Allah’s laws, but there are many muslims who believe them to be effective. These items can bring wealth, peace, good health and harmony by means of removing the evil eye.To be effective, one must be under its influence during the day and night in order to protect oneself from being struck by a calamity.

Taweez originates from middle-east and currently it is mostly used by Islamic believers in United Kingdom to ward off the bad effects of evil spirits.

UK is also experiencing a bizarre influx of religious followers every year due to mass immigration, rapidly rising Muslim population.This encouraging fact only shows that Muslim religious practices are expanding in UK, resulting in phenomenal increase of interest in Islamic faith, boosting taweez sales.

Taweezin islam are two types.Taweez for righteousness, health, breaking love spells, stopping anger between family members, reuniting lost objects and wish coming true are popular taweez options among Muslim across UK. Other auspicious taweez like health/prosperity/protection from enemies wears brass or copper according to their needs and they can wear it attached on their bodies near any part of pressure points such as chest or waist area.