Understanding Australian Vaporizers – Why They Are Better Compared to Smoking

Smoking is bad for you, and the truth is that just about any kind of smoke is going to be bad for you to some degree. Now, the smoke from some dry herbs and tobacco are exceptionally nasty, but even popery, incense, woodsmoke and various burning foods can produce smoke that you shouldn’t be inhaling in any large quantities. A dry herb vaporizer will eliminate these health hazards, but let’s talk about why these health hazards even exist first.

Many of us have forgotten our grade school lessons on what burning actually is, but it is a high-energy, rapid chemical reaction, the flame being a release of a lot of this excess energy in the form of plasma, gas and more ash and smoke. When things like tobacco or dry herbs undergo this transformation, they produce a smoke full of irritating ash and all kinds of carcinogenic compounds as well as the inflammable oils that deliver the active ingredients and flavor.

The ash component of smoke is an irritant, and allergen and a source of respiratory illnesses in various cancers. The carcinogens are obvious in being cancer risks as well as risks of other illnesses as well. In most cases, the desired component, the oil, isn’t really harmful, or it isn’t very harmful and moderate use at least. The active ingredient in tobacco, for example, nicotine, while very addictive, is it really harmful to a healthy adult body in any other way, unless you way overdo your use.

Now, there is no smoke actually present when using a dry herb vaporizer, and Australian vaporizers of superb quality will extract the maximum amount of oil from the herb without being wasteful, and they will do it without depleting the battery to quickly. This is achieved in a very similar fashion to way something like a vape works, you just use a dry herb in the chamber rather than any kind of manufactured solution.

The chamber into which you pack the herb tends to be extremely oxygen-poor, meaning the rapid and extreme heating of it doesn’t cause it to ignite, the oils simply leave, giving you a natural, pleasant and satisfying experience analogous to smoking without most of the drawbacks. Now, this isn’t going to be 100% healthy in various cases depending on what you pack in there, but it is guaranteed to be logarithmically healthier than smoking whatever it is you are enjoying. There is also no secondhand smoke, no lingering odor and no danger from the nature of combustion itself. A good vaporizer will have an LCD or LED backlit display and buttons for watching and setting the temperature, it will be compact like a pocket flashlight and it will last long and charge quickly.

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