Types of Persian Rugs

Genuine Persian runner rugs Australia is hand-made by skilled Iranian artisans.  This is one of the most sought-after rugs, but some are too expensive for the average homeowner.  These rugs are respected for their beauty, quality, and durability.  It is a time-consuming process to weave a Persian rug and can take a few months to a few years before it is completed.  It all depends on the size and quality of the rug.

There are several types of Persian rugs online Australia that you can purchase. They range from vintage collectibles to genuine handmade to machine-made, which many do not consider an authentic Persian rug.

A flatweave Persian rug will get its pattern and color from the weft, which is the width of the rug.  The length of the rug is called warps.  When the rug is weaved, the wefts are intertwined tightly with the warp.  The weaver will be woven between the warp unit they need a new color.  Then it is looped back and knotted before they add in the new color.  These types of Persian rugs are reversible.  They do not have much of a pile and lie flat on the floor.  The life expectancy of this type is a little less than one that is hand-knotted.  These would make great runner rugs Australia.  They are the least costly weaving method.

The hand-tufted Persian rug is a stenciled canvas that stretches behind the rug.  This is done so the design can be punched/traced onto the rug using a tool called a tufting gun.  Once they have finished the design, they will glue a fabric backing onto the back.  This is done to hold the rug together.  To give it the appearance of a knotted rug, they will add a decorative fringe.  They do not take as much time or skill to create like knotted rugs, so they are not as costly.

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This type of design will not wear as well as one that is hand-knotted.  This is due to the cheap latex glue they use, which can become brittle as it gets older.  They also use wool that is a cheaper grade.  This type of Persian rug will last about seven years.  This type is not seen as a good investment because the resale value of this crafted Persian rug is about the same as a machine-made rug.

The hand-knotted Persian rug is the best quality you can purchase and is the most expensive.  Every knot in the rug is tied by hand by a skilled weaver.  This method will create intricate designs and patterns.  If you care for this rug properly, it will remain as beautiful as the day you bought it for twenty years or more.  This is true in even areas of high traffic.

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Most Persian rugs online Australia are made on a vertical or horizontal loom.  When buying a genuine Persian rug, these are the three types to choose from.  If you want one that will last for many years, you should choose the authentic, original hand-knotted Persian rug.

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