Try Glasses on at Home with SmartBuyGlasses

It could be said that adapting to a life at home is a challenge. But not with SmartBuyGlasses. They make buying prescription eyewear online as easy as possible, so you don’t have to risk leaving the house! It’s no harder than ordering your online food shop, so why not give it a go? Plus, they have super cheap prescription glasses, including frames from £6! The feature that makes it especially great is the virtual try on tool, which acts like an online mirror! It uses your webcam to show you what the glasses would look like on you in real life, and anyone can use it!


    SmartBuyGlasses has a simple way of guiding you through the virtual tool with nice and easy instructions. Essentially, all you need to do is turn your head to the left, then to the right. This will give an accurate reading of your face shape, and voilà!

    First, choose the brand that you’re interested in. Then, filter by ‘virtual try-on’ in the special features list. All of the products listed can be tried on in the online mirror. Just navigate to a product page, click ‘selfie view’ and your face will appear wearing the glasses!

Think you’re ready? Try out SmartBuyGlasses’ try on glasses tool now, or read on for style suggestions and selfie tips.


The virtual try-on tool doesn’t just allow you to see yourself in potential new frames, it also tells you your face shape! Knowing your face shape is the first step to narrowing down the best style of frames for you. For example, cat-eye frames can really suit an oval shaped face, while square shaped faces can look great in round or oval frames. If you have a round shaped face, classic rectangle frames could be right for you. 


When using the virtual try on tool, you can share your photo with your friends on social media. This means that you want to be looking your best, so here are a few tips on getting the best lighting, angle and smile! 

  1.  Consider the Lighting
    Poor lighting can make even the prettiest people look bad. Your safest bet is to find a spot of natural light. This is particularly great for bringing out your eye colour, as well as highlighting any intricate details on the frame itself. 
  2. Where to Look
    Do you already know your best angle in photos? Show it off! If you don’t already, the top tip is to hold the device slightly above your eye line so that you are looking up at it. For the vast majority of people, this will help make sure you get the best shot of you in your new specs.
  3. Smile
    Most importantly – don’t forget to smile! After all, you hope to be smiling when looking drop dead gorgeous in your new glasses, so smile when trying them on to get an accurate interpretation of how they will look in real life! In any case, who doesn’t look great when smiling? 
  4. Hair 

Hair can be used to frame your face and show off your best features. Make sure it’s looking on point to have you looking your best!

Virtual try-on glasses for women: 

Overwhelmed by all the options and not sure where to begin? Why not start with the oversized cat-eye from Gucci GG0275S glasses. 

Not a fan? What about these Dolce & Gabbana DG2211 sunglasses. In a gold hue, these frames are both fun and fabulous. 

Prescription Glasses

Get a pair of blue light blocking glasses to practice good eye care and avoid digital eye strain. You can get stylish blue blockers like these elegant Tom Ford FT5401 specs, just add the blue light filter at the checkout. 

Virtual try-on glasses for men: 

You deserve nothing but the best, so why not start by trying on a classy pair of Ray Bans? These Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are an iconic design and a great choice every time.

Again, be sure to consider blue light glasses for good eye health. Check out these navy blue Arise Collective Gold Coast specs for a fun new design you’re bound to love. Just add the zFORT blue filter protection at the checkout. 

With SmartBuyGlasses you can shop more than 180 designer eyewear brands from the safety and comfort of your own home. The virtual try on tool just makes it even easier!