Top rated slots with a mystical theme 

Some are only in it for the money, and we know they don’t last long. The seasoned player knows that the theme is half of the game. You are a fan of mystical themes, that we know for sure, because you are here with us right now. We know all too well that finding the right mystical slot can be challenging amongst the vast cauldron of mystical slot games out there – try Gems n Jewels slots game. So stick with us and we will list for you some of the hottest mystical themes for online slots out there and why you should give them a try! 

Top 3 slot machines

In the following you will find a list of the top rated slots with a mystical theme.

1. 13 Slot

There is no slot machine more playful around the idea of bad luck than this famed online slot. Overcome your fears of black cats and broken mirrors with this exciting new take on gambeling. 13 Slot is very effective in immersing the player into a mystical corner where bad luck seems to lurk around every corner. Enjoy high tech animations of spooky events with 10 symbols and 15 active paylines. 

2. Fairy Slot

Are you a fan of fairies and unicorns? If yes, then you will want to try the Fairy slot. This online slot combines the mystical and playful world of fairies that will get you reminiscing about those golden years. As far as immersion, Fairy Slot is often rated as number 1. This game boats not 4, not 5, but 6 reels upon which you have to line up at least 3 symbols to get a payout! With multiple paylines and free spins delivered by a magical butterfly, if you are a fan of fantasy, then you should give it a good try! 

3. Excalibur Slot

If you are passionate about king arthur, whether it be the mystical tail or the many movies that preceded it, then give the excalibur slot a spin! This 3D online slot machine boasts state of the art graphics with enchanting flute music that will draw you into medieval times with only one thing in mind: your enjoyment! This exciting game offers multiple paylines and 5 reels to get that blood pumping and that sweet cash flowing.

Why is the Theme so Important? 

One of the most menacing things to a players game, besides fear, is boredom and losing focus. If you are in it for the long haul and are serious about your strategy then picking the right theme for you is essential.

Why? Because it engages you through entertainment and fun. The pros know that it is very important to have a good time or else you might get bored, lose your focus, and start making mistakes. 

Remaining calm is an essential part of the pros game, which is why they spend so much time finding the right theme. If you are a fan of mystical themes and are unsure where to start, then follow the list we provided above, we are confident you will enjoy at least one of the online mystical slot games!