Top 5 alternatives software to Powtoon

Powtoon started its journey in 2011, and now this software is like the master of animation and DIY video making world. So, it has been ten years Powtoon is leading the industry. No doubt, this software can provide a lot of user-friendly tools and feature. That’s why it is still on the top board. But there has many other animation making software which is raising their head in this industry. So, in this article, you will get detailed information about the top 5 animation video making software that can be a great alternative option to Powtoon. Read about them and make your choice.

1. Mango Animation Maker: 

  • Mango animation maker is gradually becoming a powerful animation maker and Powtoon Alternative
  • This software has all the functions like Powtoon. And do you know what the best fact of this software is? Just pay one time for Mango Animation Maker and use it for a lifetime. 
  • Again. You don’t have to be skilled in video making for using this software. It has online templates, and those are easy to use. 
  • You can make any video within one hour. Sp, Mango Animation Maker can be an excellent DIY video maker for you.

2. Animaker:

  • Animaker also has so many cool animation characters. Animaker provides you with 15+ customized facial features. 
  • You also can get 10+ accessory slots. So you can make any character combination. Its colour-palettes are eye-catchy and delighted. 
  • Also, Animaker has a very pocket-friendly subscription plan. You can humanize every emphasis, breaths and whispers. 
  • Animaker supports 50+ voiceovers and 25+ languages. So you can use it instead of Powtoon.

3. Videoscribe: 

  • This software is one of the best quality animation makers in the DIY video-making industry.
  • Videoscribe has one of the most massive visual elements and audio library with soundtracks. It has unlimited support of dowing and hosting at paid version. 
  • And Videoscribe is limited to whiteboard styles of animation videos. 
  • But this software has only 7-day free trial period. So, if you want to try, you should take its paid plan.

4. Animatron: 

  • This DIY video making software is very user friendly. It has so many tools that are easy to use. 
  • Are a new animation video maker? Then you can try “Animatron’s Lite mode.” This version is simple and made for those people who don’t have any idea of video making. 
  • Animatron has a lot of pre-animated characters. It has an excellent quality of graphics that makes your video more attractive. 
  • This software has built up an active community between DY video makers. But Animatron has no e-mail support for its free version.

5. Wideo: 

  • Wideo is a proven video making tool among digital agencies and marketing professionals.
  •  It has various types of templates. So you can create any videos with them very quickly. It has 7-day free trial version, and you don’t have to add your credit card for this version. 
  • You can control every individual frame with this DIY video making software. If you don’t know how to make DIY videos, don’t worry! 
  • But you can work on this software only with English, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese language.

Final Verdict

So that was the five best Powtoon alternatives that you should try. Powtoon has many best quality features. But it would help if you also tried its other choice because they come with exciting features and options even at a cheaper rate than Powtoon. Their working record is sufficiently well. So, if you think Powtoon is costly for you. You can try those video making software I’ve mentioned earlier. Check them out and create your unique content videos easily and swiftly.