Top 10 Reasons To Fall in Love with the L Shaped Sofa!

A sofa is a vital piece of furniture for any living room. Its functionality is to make the living room spacious, and hence the type of sofa has to be appropriately selected. A corner couch or L shaped sofa will be perfect to render more space and make the room appear more prominent too. A Wakefit L shaped sofa is in high demand with various models and configurations. It can perfectly fulfil a person’s needs as it is way too handy to make the best use of the empty corners. An L shaped sofa can also provide additional seating. It comes in various materials like leather, fabric and even a combination of both.

What Is An L Shaped Sofa?

The L shaped sofa is a long and regular one with a three-seater. It has a chaise which is an add on and generally is designed with no backrest. The chaise will be either on the left or right, depending on the size of the primary sofa. There are four types of L-shaped sofa, which are stationary, reclining, modular, and convertible.

How To Position An L Shaped Sofa?

There are various ways one can place the L shape sofa, which are:

  • Corner position: This is the most convenient way of placing the sofa where both the couch’s arms are set against the wall. This ideal positioning utilises the dead corners of the living room by opening it up for both the coffee table and rugs. In order to make this interior more classic, ottomans and armchairs are added.
  • Centre position: Placing the L shaped sofa in the open layout right in the centre works best for larger spaces. The couch can be the focal point and face the television or any wall. In addition, placing the sofa at the centre position can accommodate various books and other souvenirs in its back and sides.
  • Wall placing position: One side of the sofa is placed on the wall, with the arm serving as a space divider for the living area. For better functionality, place the side of the backrest near the front door to define the entry to the living room, and without a backrest, it will serve as a chaise lounge.
  • Accessorised sofa: The L shaped sofa is best without any furniture in the same room. It can be accessorised with various cushions but the simple tip to make it look classy is not to go beyond a count of eight.

What Are The Striking Features Of The L Shaped Sofa?

The most important and beneficial features of the L shape sofa design are:

  • An L shaped sofa is the most flexible piece of furniture that is very adaptive.
  • It can be customised and modified according to space. It suits any corner with its versatile efficiency to fit into any square.
  • Unlike the regular sofa, they have a lot of storage space under the seats. They are mostly hidden foldable structures to accommodate a lot of things into it.
  • The L shaped sofa can add cushions, quilts and throws, giving a cosy ambience to the living room. These add up more functionality to the couch.
  • They can make the living room airy, open and decluttered.
  • The L shaped sofa adds up aesthetics to the whole house by upgrading it from time to time with the necessary facelift of revamping it.
  • The latest L-shaped sofa trends have cool features.
  • This innovative design of the sofa is the best corner set with a streamlined appearance in various colours and materials. It comes in different configurations with one arm longer than the other or both the arm components of equal length and bed attached.
  • The sectionals in an L shaped sofa are both modular and detachable by nature.

Benefits Of An L Shaped Sofa

There are excellent benefits of L shape sofa set, which are:

  • It is the most versatile type of sofa that can adjust and take the shape of any space. One can also alter it by removing the section to meet the personal requirements of a person. L shaped sofa is more accessible to rearrange than any other sofa.
  • L shaped sofa will save money extensively as they are comparatively less expensive than other types of sofas. Moreover, it offers maximum comfort and accommodates a significant number of people without the need for additional seats or chairs.
  • Most of the L shaped sofas have a concealed storage space. As a result, they offer enormous advantages to these couches, and additional features provide different seating styles to the living room.
  • L shaped sofas are suitable for every room and space as their style will provide more walking space with their elegant designs.
  • It is the perfect fit and the most comfortable kind of sofa to offer a minimalist style. It also makes watching television easy with the cosiest seating feature.
  • L shaped sofa is the most durable and comfortable sofas that require very little maintenance and easy to clean. The upholstery adds an attractive design along with cushions and pillows.
  • It is one solution and reduces the usage of other seating units like stools and chairs.
  • It helps in saving more space as it occupies only the corners of the living room. Hence it enhances the look of the living room.
  • L shaped sofas are excellent and are designed in various colours and styles. This makes them more attractive and elegant. They also have high endurance to external factors with outstanding quality.
  • This sofa is used as a regular entertainer for guests, friends and family as it offers the best comfort. It is best to host as they are the best bedding for any living room.

Sofas are a symbol of luxury and wealth, and an L shaped sofa is mostly sectional, or corner sets are very functional and beautiful. They make the interior look very trendy and casual due to their patterns and features. They are the most comfortable form of seating for any living room and less formal; a single sofa is sufficient to make it look welcoming.

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