Tips To Stay Sober While On Vacation

If you are newly sober, your first concern will be how to spend vacations where alcohol and drugs are more prevalent. The challenges of staying sober may overwhelm you, so it’s best to plan and make a firm decision to stay away from alcohol. With or without holidays, it is not easy to navigate the sobriety journey alone, seek help in a Pinnacle Recovery Center, or from friends and family.

Keep In Touch With Your Support Team

Despite being on vacation, you’ll still require support from your team. Keep in touch with your peers and inform them about how you are doing. If cravings overwhelm you, reach out to someone who can help. If possible, you can search for a support group in that area and join the meeting.

Practice Self Care

Have some rest during the day and get a good sleep at night. Ensure you eat healthily and avoid staying on an empty stomach. If need be, have some time alone and meditate. Be sure to enjoy fun games or exercises. Doing that will boost your energy and balance your moods, which is helpful for sobriety.

Understand Your Triggers

It is best to avoid places you usually drink or meet with your drinking friends. Such situations may trigger a relapse. Let your loved ones know why you avoid some areas to prevent them from pressuring you to go to the place.

Carry Nonalcoholic Drinks

Ensure you have a non-alcoholic drink at every place you attend. This will help you stay sober. However, make sure you hold the drink when someone is serving alcohol. This will allow you to decline a glass of wine since the person will see you are sorted already.

Avoid Idleness

Don’t spend too much time seated or chatting with your family. In most cases, sitting around idle may lead to drinking. So, plan your schedule from morning to evening to keep you engaged. You can visit the beach, dance, or make some delicious recipes.

Minimize Stress

Vacations are intended to help you relax and spend time with your loved ones. However, planning for a successful vacation can be overwhelming. Planning vacations, paperwork, and managing children are some of the issues that can cause stress and anxiety, increasing chances of relapse. Take your time and, if possible, ask for assistance to prepare for the vacation earlier.

Make Sobriety Your Priority

You have a good reason why you chose sobriety. Stick to that, and prepare your mind that you will keep off alcohol no matter what. Rehearse how you will decline drink offers if someone pressures you. Making firm decisions and being ready for such situations will make you confident when on vacation.

Being in the Company of a Sober Person

You may want to enjoy your vacation, but you fear relapse. Being in the company of your drinking buddies may affect your sobriety. Bring a friend who doesn’t drink or someone who supports your sobriety to help you have fun without drinking. If craving overwhelms you, a concerned person will help you walk away and keep you busy.

Let People Know Your Situation

In recovery, you need to stand your ground and defend your decision. Many people may not understand why, but you know better what you want to achieve. If you are pressured to have a drink, you can leave the place or inform the person, you no longer drink. Try to keep calm to avoid anger or stress, which may lead to relapse.

It is possible to have fun and stay sober on vacation. Choose news business insider your company wisely and direct your energy into things that give you strength when in recovery.